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Breast Lift & Implant Experience in Turkey by FlyHealth

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Our patient from Australia expressed her deep satisfaction after her experience with FlyHealth in Istanbul. We have also discovered amazing Istanbul with her. Istanbul is precipitously perched between east and west. At the convergence of cultures, continents and empires. Plan a few extra days to discover Istanbul with us during your surgery period.

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Summer Ready

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The summer is near and everyone is working hard to look perfect to flaunt their summer body to the world. What if all that effort doesn’t give you the satisfactory look that you have been searching for? You have always dreamed of bigger or smaller breasts or that hourglass figure? Wait no more, it is the perfect time to get your treatment done and get that body that you want!

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Interview with Specialist

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We had the honour to talk with one of the best plastic surgeons in Istanbul, Dr. Eda. She explained us which surgeries she conducts, how the procedure goes and what one can expect. We talked with her about face-lifts, Brazilian butt lifts, nose corrections and breast enlargements. As it was very useful for us to here all the details from a doctor, we are sure that it will help you in clearing your doubts (and maybe fears) as well.

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Hair Transplantations with FlyHealth

Hair transplantation at FlyHealth in Istanbul

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Hair loss is an issue which occurs with more people everyday. It can occur with old people but also with younger people. Due to the stressful lifestyles, different types of tight hairstyles, harmful hair products and weather conditions, your hair gets affected and can result in hair loss. Everyone wants to look good and can miss the stress around hair loss. It affects the self-esteem and thus the daily life. FlyHealth is there to help as we have the most recent technologies and techniques to solve your hair loss problem. But why would you choose for FlyHealth and go all the way to Istanbul (Turkey) to get a hair transplantation done?

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FlyHealth Boost Series Volume 7: Dream of many years – Elegant Nose is what I see on the mirror now

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Many people are not satisfied with the way they look or they have a past of bullying and have no self-confidence anymore or a medical issue prevents them from having a quality full life. Plastic surgery can be the solution. One of our patients, Aurora, told us her experience regarding our Nose Surgery.

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FlyHealth Boost Series Volume 6: Nose surgery, Facelift and Necklift in one go ( Before and after operation Consultation in London )

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We met our patient G.M after his nose surgery, neck- and facelift, in our London office. He told us about his experience with us and how he came to know about us. G.M came to us with a sad story. He has had a previous nose-surgery but unfortunately it wasn’t very successful. What would have been a solution to his problem resulted in an even bigger issue. He was left with an unsatisfying result and a disbelief in any type of plastic surgery; however, he did want to get the damage restored and started searching a clinic that is reliable and books satisfying results.

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