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FlyHealth Boost Series Volume 7: Dream of many years – Elegant Nose is what I see on the mirror now

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Many people are not satisfied with the way they look or they have a past of bullying and have no self-confidence anymore or a medical issue prevents them from having a quality full life. Plastic surgery can be the solution. One of our patients, Aurora, told us her experience regarding our Nose Surgery.

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FlyHealth Boost Series Volume 6: Nose surgery, Facelift and Necklift in one go ( Before and after operation Consultation in London )

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We met our patient G.M after his nose surgery, neck- and facelift, in our London office. He told us about his experience with us and how he came to know about us. G.M came to us with a sad story. He has had a previous nose-surgery but unfortunately it wasn’t very successful. What would have been a solution to his problem resulted in an even bigger issue. He was left with an unsatisfying result and a disbelief in any type of plastic surgery; however, he did want to get the damage restored and started searching a clinic that is reliable and books satisfying results.

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