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Hair transplantation at FlyHealth in Istanbul

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Hair loss is an issue which occurs with more people everyday. It can occur with old people but also with younger people. Due to the stressful lifestyles, different types of tight hairstyles, harmful hair products and weather conditions, your hair gets affected and can result in hair loss. Everyone wants to look good and can miss the stress around hair loss. It affects the self-esteem and thus the daily life. FlyHealth is there to help as we have the most recent technologies and techniques to solve your hair loss problem. But why would you choose for FlyHealth and go all the way to Istanbul (Turkey) to get a hair transplantation done?

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Hair Transplant Review A.B., from Canada – Testimonial

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“I highly recommend”

“Hello there, im here in turkey Istanbul for my FUE Hair Transplant surgery. I have come from Toronto, Canada. I reached out to Fly Health Clinic to make all the arrangements from Istanbul Airport to Hotel and Clinic. I was picked up from airport on time and transferred to hotel and picked up the following day to go to the clinic for the transplant. I got my hair transplant yesterday, everything went extremely well. I would like to thank FlyHealth for all the arrangements they had made for me to get this transplant done properly, and have no problems with transportation while my stay in Istanbul. The staff is very helpful answers all your questions and are there thru out your stay in helping make your stay better. I highly recommend FlyHealth to anyone across the world, interested in getting this FUE Hair Transplant done, they should reach out to FlyHealth to have it all done properly.

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Hair Transplantation Review by Sri Yilapavanam, from UK – Testimonial

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“They kept things very simple. Had a very pleasant experience it flyhealth’ Ozgae and team (Mr. Samet ) during the course of my procedure in istanbul this year.
They kept things very simple and we’re very prompt and precise in delivering what they promised. They have excellent and we’ll experienced pool of doctors and support staff which is quiet impressive.

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Hair Transplantation Review by Imran, from Scarborough – Testimonial

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“I would definitely recommend”
“Hello I just had my FUE hair transplant procedure done on may 4th very happy with their work. I just can’t wait to see the results. It is very professional work and hard working friendly staff and they put more grafts then my expectations gave me a nice lower hair line that I couldn’t ever imagined I would definitely recommend Flyhealth and their team.
And also they speak good English.”

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