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Travelled from West Africa to Istanbul for my Breast Reduction

By August 31, 2019 No Comments

I travelled from west-africa to have the procedure done in istanbul, Turkey. I booked my surgery through flyheath which is a medical tourism company. I met Dr Mustafa same morning ot the surgery. We went over my expectations and the best possibilities for me. A few hours later,i was rolled into the theatre where my new boobs were cooked lol. God being soo good,i had great after care treatment by the entire staff and was discharged a day after surgery.

Flyhealth secured a great 4.5star hotel for me where i stayed till i returned back to my country. I was soo nervous travelling all the way to have surgery but everything went great. Am thankful to God and also to Dr.Prof Mustafa Keskin of Medipol Hospital in Istanbul,Turkey.