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Turkey The Hottest Destination for Surgeries – Explore It With Us

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A large number of people visit Turkey every year to undergo medical treatment. It’s extremely popular among Europeans as most medical procedures in the country are performed at a cheaper rate. One such person is Olivia, who came to the country from the UK to undergo arm lift Istanbul. Here’s her experience:

Operation Istanbul – What She Came For

Olivia came to the country to undergo cosmetic surgery. Since such procedures are generally not covered under insurance, people are on a lookout for cheaper and reliable surgeons. Turkey is turning out to be a hot destination for cosmetic surgeries. Olivia came here to get an arm lift.

She found about FlyHealth on the internet and contacted the company to manage her trip so she could enjoy the beautiful city of Istanbul and also get her surgery done without having to pay extra or worry about anything.

Coming For Surgery Turkey: Istanbul City Tour

Olivia visited some of the most popular destinations in the city including:

  • The Blue Mosque
    Originally named Sultan Ahmed Mosque, it’s now popular as The Blue Mosque due to its unique blue exterior. The construction of the mosque started in 1609 and took nearly 7 hours to build. It was completed during the reign of Ahmed I. The historic building is in the heart of Istanbul and is visited by millions of tourists every year. In addition to a place for worship, the mosque contains a hospice, a madrasah, and Ahmed’s tomb.
  • Hagia Sophia
    One of the few Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal cathedrals to have been converted into a mosque, this incredible piece of beauty is now a museum popular for its incredible dome and amazing artwork. Constructed in AD 537, it is one of Turkey’s most impressive sights and has been featured in a number of Hollywood movies including Skyfall, Argo, Inferno, and The Fall.
  • The Grand Bazaar
    The Grand Bazaar is one of the world’s oldest and largest covered markets. It has over 40,000 shops selling a variety of spices, pottery, carpets, and jewelry. More than 400,000 tourists visit the bazaar every day to get in touch with the Turkish culture and shop authentic items.

Olivia enjoyed all three destinations during city tour Istanbul. She got to see the most attractive side of Istanbul and took home incredible memories in the form of photos, memorabilia, and spices. She bought a variety of teas, including weight loss teas, from The Grand Bazaar.

Surgery Turkey: Conclusion

Olivia’s experience was pretty good. She came to the country for brachioplasty, a type of arm surgery that’s generally required after major weight loss. She found the hotels comfortable and was impressed by the quality of medical care provided to her.

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