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FlyHealth Wins 2021 WhatClinic Patient Service Awards

WhatClinic is a worldwide healthcare search engine. WhatClinic is recognized for its awards based on patient experiences and patient ratings based on that experience. The name of this precious award is WhatClinic Patient Service Award 2021.


WhatClinic evaluates patient reviews and feedback. It also reviews 12 months of data from website users, including clinical contact rates. More than 6 million people used WhatClinic’s medical search engine in 2021 to find and compare clinics, including FlyHealth.

FlyHealth applied to this site to receive this honourable award. And there were hundreds of other clinics that wanted to win this beautiful award. Hundreds of other clinics like ours also met these high standards. Nominated for the 2021 High Service award, FlyHealth was very persistent in receiving this award. Because FlyHealth relied on its doctors, hotels, in short, all its services. For the clinic to be eligible for the 2021 Patient Service Award, it was necessary to evaluate the clinic’s commitment to patient care over the course of a year and to provide high satisfaction. And it also needs to have a consistently high ServiceScore™ rating, which analyzes positive reviews and ratings from potential and current patients.

This award honours our entire team’s long-term commitment to providing excellent patient care throughout their treatment journey. Because our team provided assistance to our customers in all circumstances. Our neat and disciplined transporter team has always satisfied our customers. Afterward, the hotels where our patients stayed provided their comfort. The flawless surgeries performed by our team prevented complaints. In addition, these excellent surgeries have left us with happy customers. Thanks to us, the care, hotels, and needs of our patients after the surgery were taken care of. Thanks to our patients who were satisfied with the service we provided, we were able to be here today. We wish eternal health to everyone who trusts us.

Our professional doctors, “We are happy to be recognized for our commitment to customer service,” remarked, “It is something we focus on in all we do as a clinic, and to hear such wonderful feedback from our patients is fantastic…”

WhatClinic’s CEO, David Roe, praised FlyHealth and added “The Patient Service Awards have now been in existence for 12 years. We considered thousands of data points for 2021, including evaluations based on patient-clinic communication, clinic promptness, politeness, helpfulness, customer service over the phone, email, online, and in-person, as well as patient reviews, feedback, and more. Ratings can help both patients and clinics. Patients can see which clinics have received high ratings from other users, and clinics may compare their own performance to others in their market and be driven to improve their patient services, which is ultimately beneficial to everyone.”

Great Honour

It is a great honour for us to win this important WhatClinic Patient Service Award in 2021 as in 2020. We are honoured and know that we deserve this award. Our strong communicator team is just one of the big reasons. Our professional surgeons ensure that every comment we receive is very beautiful and very valuable. We work with the best doctors and the best hospitals in Istanbul and this has earned us this grand prize.

Our Featured Services

We hope that the valuable opinions of our patients will help both other patients and other clinics. Because a clinic that won the WhatClinic Patient Service Award two years in a row can be both a choice for other patients and a recommendation to other clinics.

We hope that our beautiful team, who won this award for us this year, as it did last year, will be the reason for the preference for other patients. It is our greatest pride to win this award, thanks to our successful hospitals and specialist doctors.

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