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6 Important Issues to Know about Hair Transplant


Today hair loss is affecting many men and women around the globe. Thinning hair can make a person stressed about his/her looks. There are various kinds of treatments responding to each type of hair loss. Consequently the candidates have to be informed about the matters mentioned below before getting hair transplant:

Each case requires a customized solution

There are various types and causes of hair loss and the reasons vary according to genders, races, health conditions, etc. A successful treatment can be performed by a customized plan agreed with the patient.

Recuperation time

The recovery times vary as per the treatment and patient. However the recuperation time has been decreased drastically in the recent years and most of the patients can go back to their normal lives within 3 days.

Natural looks

If the right skill and techniques are performed in hair transplantation, the result can be so natural that even a hair stylist will not notice whether the patient got a hair treatment or not.

Combined treatments

Mesotherapy is recommended to be performed together with PRP to get 100% effective results to stop hair loss. The combined treatment is very efficient to rejuvenate the scalp and hair follicles and prevent hair loss.

Latest trends

Direct Hair Implant (DHI) and long hair FUE are the latest sought-after treatments in hair transplant because they do not require hair to be trimmed and the patients can go on their lives as if they do not get any operation. They do not have any scars, bruises but get extra hair implanted after the treatments.

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