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A guide to a smooth tummy tuck recovery

A guide to a smooth tummy tuck recovery

So, you have recently undergone a tummy tuck operation, in other words abdominoplasty or abdominal surgery, and want to know how the recovery process works. Maybe you feel numbness or a sort of pulling sensation in lower abdomen. Maybe you want to know when those swollen areas will vanish. Surgery recovery is the most delicate phase of surgery. It is when your body tries to return to its normal.

Tummy tuck recovery time varies

Each person has different body features, and this affects the recovery time to a great extent. Tummy tuck recovery time depends on several factors, among which are the following:

  • your age
  • general health
  • weight
  • type of tummy tuck
  • post-surgery care

It is only your surgeon who can tell you an approximate time after which your body will start to feel normal. A rough threshold would be around the 8th week.

Phases of tummy tuck recovery

Tummy tuck, just like hysterectomy, is an operation on the sensitive parts of the body and for this reason, a high degree of caution is necessary after the operation. Recovery time for tummy tuck can be analyzed under several periods.

1) Early post-operation period

This is the period when you have scars, some pain, numbness or a pulling sensation in your lower abdomen. Your movement is limited, and you wonder about the signs your body shows during this period. To start with, all or any of these symptoms are what most of people experience, which means you might or might not experience them. As we said earlier, your body is unique and therefore the way it recovers will also be unique.

Doctors cover the abdomen with surgical dressing and put small tubes to drain blood or any fluids that might come off from where the incision was made. This is very normal and there is no need to worry about it.

You should not stretch your body too much and your surgeon will give you instructions to rest at an angle and move a little bit so that the blood does not coagulate too much in the first days.

At FlyHealth, we offer patients approximately one week of abdominal surgery package, and they see their doctors after the operation to make sure that everything is under control. We keep continuous communication with them and check their situation regularly.

2) When you get to home

For a smooth recovery, it is of utmost importance that you do not carry too heavy things or tire yourself. Certainly, you will need someone to help with daily activities. You should make sure that you perfectly understood the medications and the instructions your doctor gave you. Most of our patients at FlyHealth are provided with patient hosts during their stay, and these hosts help our patients by translating everything the doctor tells them. You can stay in contact with us to ask anything about what you should do.

3) How can you help your body heal?

After abdominal surgery, you can help your body recover by taking good care of it.

  1. People often ignore this basic rule. Depending on your type of tummy tuck, you may be advised to take one month off from work, especially if your work includes physical activities, your rest should be around this time span or as your doctor advises you. You should also avoid doing exercise in this period.
  2. After a week or two, you can cook or shop but in the first couple of weeks, you should avoid tiring yourself up with childcare or homecare.
  3. Regular use of medications. Clear explanations about the instructions of the doctor are key. Patients need guidance on how to use their medications. Sometimes, medications might show side effects, in such a case, get into contact with the institution that offered you the surgery. At FlyHealth, we try to inform our patients clearly.

4) Complete Recovery

You should know that you can recover from the effects of tummy tuck completely only after months. You typically have a numb stomach or a pulling sensation in lower abdomen even until the first months. This is normal. The swelling and the bruises disappear in up to three months. The scar fades later on.

A seamless recovery is possible

It is possible with a good service and well-informed support by the institution through which you get your operation. If you plan to have tummy tuck abroad, there is nothing to get scared but caution is needed.

As FlyHealth, we try to bring together patients and medical experts and work hard to create a close communication regarding your post-operation. We aim to facilitate your tummy tuck recovery, in which we are confident thanks to the expertise of our doctors and specialists as well as our experience in this field.

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