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Afro hair transplant Istanbul – “Be like Bob Marley”

Afro hair transplant Istanbul – Turkey

While expressing his happiness with his afro hair transplant Istanbul experience, our patient mentioned a few things.

Firstly, it took him a lot of time and research to decide in the best center for afro hair transplant Istanbul. Second the moment he came he felt at ease and Finally he can not wait to see if he would look like real star.

If you are also looking for afro hair transplant you can also visit our before and after gallery The gallery represents outcomes of real patients and it is limited to the ones we have the consent of sharing photos. Therefore, it is only to give an idea to show how the outcome looks like. Each before and after might represent different time of the hair transplant process. We mention how many months after the afro hair transplant.

In order to watch experiences of real patients, you can watch our YouTube channel. In this channel, you can watch the experiences of patients. Experiences might be before and after the surgery.

Individual results may vary

We know that every patient wants full coverage. However, there is a reality that it is not possible for every patient. Donor hair should be sufficient to cover balding areas. In this video, our patient had very poor donor area. He has still reached maximum coverage. His expectation was realistic. He is happy with the results. He will come for the second session to cover rest of his balding area. This is possible in many cases. After one-year donor area heals up. When the donor area heals up our specialists can extract more grafts.

More information about Afro hair transplant Turkey

Get customized assessment

If you like to be informed on your case, you will need to send us your balding area and donor area pictures for assessment. You can send us an email or WhatsApp text. You can also fill in the contact form.

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