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Afro Hair Transplant Men vs. Women

Both men and women become aware of the risk of hair loss at some stage in their life. Although, male patterned baldness is a genetic defect that actually stems from the mother’s side; women are also likely to experience the embarrassing ordeal of going bald.

Premature hair loss can result in a lower self-esteem and lead to several other complications, if not dealt in time. Women and men begin researching the internet for possible solutions but shy away from visiting their GP or hair transplant clinic to gain information on this important subject.

The reality remains the same. No matter how many shampoos or low-cost treatments you try out, you are less likely to reap any long-term benefits.

Women are more attached to their hair. Naturally, their self-confidence automatically plummets when they begin to lose hair. Since both men and women can opt for a hair-transplant; there is no reason why you should not go for it only because you happen to have Afro hair.

In case you are seeking an Afro hair transplant, you should know that the transplant involves using a scalpel to take a strip of tissue containing follicles from the back of the head.

Men experiencing male-patterned-baldness have a wreath of surrounding hair situated along the back and sides of the head. However, a woman loses her hair differently than a man.

You may have observed that a woman may lose hair in just a few places. Although, most women do lose hair throughout their heads; both incidents can have a devastating effect on the confidence and appearance of a woman.

It is strongly recommended that both men and women with Afro hair opt for only professional hair transplant services to get a successful hair transplant. Check reviews and study a clinic’s past clients including patients with Afro hair. This will give you a better idea of the outcomes you can expect after your hair transplant.

Although the same hair transplant techniques are applied to Afro hair, the procedure requires more precision and  expertise. Since the hair curls underneath the skin too and not just on the visible portion, the hair grafts require more space and are placed in slightly larger incisions.

Moreover, patients with Afro hair including both men and women may also inherit a healing problem referred to as Keloid formation. This is when large scars form after a minor skin trauma. Although, this is not a usual problem for FUE but it may occur in black patients who are having strip hair transplantation.

FlyHealth is happy to help both men and women with Afro hair and has a long list of happy clients who have undergone successful hair transplants.

Having Afro hair doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from this incredible technique to restore your hair. Our dedicated and committed team excels at performing the most suitable treatment to ensure that both men and women with Afro hair are satisfied with safe and long-term results.

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