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Afro Hair Transplantation

Hair loss is an issue which occurs with more people everyday. It is not only an issue for those of Caucasian or Asian descent. The issue occurs more and more with African descents as well. Unfortunately it is not always easy to do a hair transplantation for a patient with Afro-type hair. As the hair is curly and also the follicle is curly, the space in the head for the follicle is bigger then with any other type of hair. Nevertheless, FlyHealth has found a solution and has booked many success stories with the technique they discovered to proceed a hair transplantation for Afro-type hair.

The hair transplant for patients with Afro-type hair goes as following:

  1. The hairline is designed and made as natural looking as possible. The surgeon goes further on where the nature hairline of the patient supposed to be and go further with that. Marks are made on the head to have a better vision of where the hairline has to start and end
  2. After designing the hairline a local anaesthesia is done. As a hair transplantation is a type of a surgery anaesthesia is necessary but a local anaesthesia is more than enough. A local anaesthesia doesn’t have complication and thus it is better for the patient.
  3. When the anaesthesia kicked in, the hair follicle is harvested. The hair follicle is the most crucial part of the whole procedure and thus it requires secure and focussed work.
  4. The follicle is harvested and thus the surgeon can go further with drilling the canals in the head for where the follicle has to come. A precise kind of work which is done excellent by the surgeon.
  5. Last but not least, the follicle gets implanted in the drilled canals. Yet again this is a very important step as the follicle will decide whether the transplantation was a success or not.
  6. Result = natural looking hair without scars tissue.

As the steps of the procedure are a little bit more clear lets take a look at what one of the patients of FlyHealth has to say about his experience with FlyHealth.

M.K. is a 34 year old man of London who suffered from hair loss. As he is a descent of African region he has the typical Afro hair and thus he was searching for doctor/organisation which could help him with his hair loss problem.

He searched for about four to five months for a good doctor/company. He spoke with many but didn’t get the answer he wanted. Then he came across FlyHealth. The information that was given to him was so detailed and in a gentle and non-commercial way that he decided to take the hair transplant procedure from FlyHealth. What was also a decision maker was the fact that FlyHealth provides complete service and not only the operation.

As he came from London a flight, to Istanbul Turkey, was arranged. When he arrived he was picked up by the FlyHealth driver and brought to his hotel. M.K. couldn’t stop talking about how good the hotel was and what all luxury there was. First of all the check-in went smooth as the hotel staff already knew he was coming and thus made his arrival as smooth as possible. The hotel had super WiFi connection, a great breakfast and even a spa. M.K. said “It is just an excellent hotel!”.

For heading to the clinic he didn’t have to wait in the lobby or call the driver to pick him up. Instead he could just wait in his room until the driver came to his door to say that he was there to pick him up and bring him to the clinic.

In the clinic the guidance went excellent, as per the words of M.K. The communication went smooth, in perfect English and in a very friendly way. Before leaving London he also had received the phone number of the person who would guide him in then clinic so that any question he would have could be asked before, during and after the procedure.

The procedure was explained step by step before it started. Like this M.K. knew exactly what would be going on and what the next step would be. No surprises, only transparency.

Once the procedure was done he was brought back to his hotel with courtesy and three days later he was brought to the airport to fly back home. With an excellent result.

M.K. speaks highly about FlyHealth and recommends it strongly. He said that from departure to arrival, no matter it was going to Istanbul or going back home, the guidance was excellent and punctual. Not a single moment he had to wait. When there was said that he’d be picked up at 10am than it was 9.55am that he was picked up. “Punctual, excellent guidance and excellent costumer service. FlyHealth is a company I highly recommend.”, M.K.

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