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Black hair transplant or afro hair transplant is a subject in which we have gained expertise. If you want to get full service on black hair transplantation, FlyHealth is the right address.

We can say that you will be very satisfied with the hair service we will offer you. You can also check our comments and before after gallery for this. Black hair transplantation is performed in Turkey by our contracted professionals who are experts in their field.

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What do we provide about black hair transplant?

Your arrival in Turkey from your country, accommodation in your hotel, operation – arrival and departure, all the time you will spend in Turkey are planned by us in the best way for you. You don’t have to worry about all this travel, FlyHealth is with you.

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Find suitable black hair transplant Istanbul specialist

Everyone can be affected with hair loss. People with African descent can also have problems with hair loss.  However, people with dark black hair might experience certain challenges when it comes to restoring hair. Due to its specific nature of curly and black hair which is often called Afro hair, not all of the hair transplants for Afro hair are successful. It is important to choose the right hair transplant method to fights against the hair loss experienced by individuals with dark black hair.

Yes, there is a solution for these people. FlyHealth has found a solution and has booked many success stories until this date. People with dark, black and curly hair can benefit from the advantages of black hair transplants – afro hair transplant Turkey.

  • Follicle extraction by the technique of Follicular Unit Extraction
  • Follicular unit extraction technique has a lot of benefits. This method involves extracting the hair follicles as units and implanting these units individually.
  • This method prevents the breakage or damage of the follicle. Thus, stronger hair follicles can collect for hair transplant operations.
  • Further, this operation is painless.
  • Patients who had black hair transport can recover quickly.
  • There will be no scarring – scrape after the surgery.
  • Patients will achieve both natural and satisfying results.
  • Thus, patients can enjoy minimal prices for maximum results.

FlyHealth surgeons are the best hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul. Our team have booked many success stories in hair transplantations for Caucasian and Asian hair as well as for Afro-hair. Our diverse customer portfolio helps us to offer the best services for different patient types and hair types.

Amazing atmosphere in Turkey

In addition to affordable and successful hair transplant, patients can enjoy an amazing atmosphere in Istanbul – Turkey. Patients can increase their self-confidence with black hair transplant and visit a new beautiful city in this process. Here, patients can visit the historical places in Istanbul while our experienced surgeons will conduct the transplantation.

Beautiful Istanbul in Turkey is just a footstep outside the accommodation where you’ll be staying. We offer a comprehensive black hair transplantation package. These packages include the operation, accommodation and transfers in Istanbul – Turkey.

When you have your operation in Istanbul, you don’t have to worry about where to stay or how to get to the clinic. FlyHealth has a team of experts to make you feel comfortable during your visit to Istanbul.

We welcome you to learn more about our partner specialist’s approach to patient care and his accomplishments in advancing and improving the hair restoration field. Our black hair transplant service is designed specially to meet the needs of our patients. Having curly hair does not mean you have to live with hair loss or bald areas on the top of your head. FlyHealth’s experiences and expert surgeons apply innovative methods to give you the best results in the hair transplant sector.

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What is Afro Hair?

Hair types are evaluated in three main categories according to race. Caucasian, Asian, and Afro hair types have many different features. The characteristic structure of the hair of individuals of Afro origin is usually curly and wavy. Although it varies from person to person, Afro individuals have an average of 50,000 to 100,000 hair strands. In addition, it is the slowest hair model with a monthly growth rate of 0.9 cm.

The folds present in the Afro hair type start from the roots in the dermis layer under the epidermis (upper skin) and grow to form the curly hair structure. The number of roots in a single follicle is at most two or three roots.

Caucasian hair type is considered as European type hair. Caucasian hair can grow up to 1.2 cm per month and can be curly or straight. The highest density of hair is found in the Caucasian type hairstyle. Blondes have 140,000, brunettes 100,000, and redheads have an average of 80,000 hairs.

Asian type hair is the most common type of hair and can grow up to 140,000 hairs depending on the person. It can grow up to 1,3 cm per month and is usually coarsely stranded and usually straight.

Hair Loss

Many factors affect hair loss. The cause is androgenic, while in others, physical and chemical processes that are frequently applied to the hair cause permanent loss of hair follicles. Afro hair, receding due to hairstyling methods disrupts the hair follicles and causes hair loss. Apart from these, some vitamin and mineral deficiencies and hair loss may occur due to DHT sensitivity.

Measures to be taken will vary according to the source of hair loss. However, not treating your hair harsh and rude should be the first precaution. For your hair to last longer, it is useful to pay attention to the following points, which are valid for all hair types.

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Hair Loss Solution with Afro Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a major problem for all men around the world. When it comes to curly and dense hair like afro hair, special hair transplant procedures might be needed. In general, Afro hair has different characteristics than other hair types. This is why hair transplant surgery must consider the curly, black, dense and thick hair structure.

Turkey offers FUE transplants for Afro hair types as well. At FlyHealth, we find you the most suitable hair transplant clinic for your hair transplant operation. You can have your operation in clinics with a high success rate.

The Afro hair transplant is similar to other transplant methods. In the Afro hair process, the hair is collected from the donor area. But the hair grafts are generally tight curls compared to wavy or straight hair. Working with tight and curly hair requires expertise. The experienced hair transplant surgeons in Turkey will give you the best experience and results with your Afro hair transplant surgery.

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