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After Nose Surgery Turkey: How Much Pain and How Long

Nose Surgery Turkey, also known as nose job or Rhinoplasty brings many other great results in addition to a more beautiful and attractive nose. You can have nose surgery for any reason such as correcting a broken nose or demanding to have a tiny and top-tilted one.

No matter what the reason is, the process of  nose surgery Turkey and healing will probably be very similar. Finally, when you see the outcome of this process, you will thank cosmetic surgery for your enhanced quality of life.

Let’s run the tape back a little and have a look at the healing process. How much pain I will feel after Rhinoplasty? Will I need check-up regularly? Now we will try to answer all these questions.

Good news: It probably does not hurt as much as you think!

People may feel uneasy about the pain after nose surgery. The best way to clarify the question is to ask people how they felt after their Rhinoplasty surgery, is not it?

One of the Rhinoplasty patients of FlyHealth, a leading guide to medical tourism in Turkey, Alan says that his experience was amazing and the process from treatment to healing was more comfortable than he expected.

Another patient, Omar from London also says after surgery “The procedure before and after is amazing as well. And in terms of the outcome of it, you would love it.” Here you can see the video about his nose job with FlyHealth.

Without doubt, like any other surgery, the result of Rhinoplasty is slightly different for different cases; however, we can draw a frame. Yes, you will suffer from some pain in your nose after nose job, but you will probably feel well enough to work in a few days.

Cosmetic surgery has proceeded as a sector in demand; everything is done easily and comfortably.

A Few Days for Work, A Few Months for Final Results after Nose Surgery Turkey

Like we said before, after nose job, patients usually start working in a few days. Swelling and bruising on your face are expected results and they will disappear in maximum 7 days after surgery. At the same period, stitches in your nose will be removed. This is one of the relaxing parts of the process. While taking this material, doctor checks your nose and in many cases this is be enough.

Nose Surgery Turkey Before and After
Nose Surgery Turkey Before and After

Let’s move towards how you will look like after nose surgery Turkey? Your face looks well enough to see your customers face to face in 1 or 2 weeks. In a month, 75% of the swelling is gone.

We have to remind you: You should be careful while rubbing your nose for 2 months in order not to lengthen the healing process.  After that, you will see how your self-esteem increases day by day. Just enjoy your life with enhanced quality!

Your face is beautiful as a whole. This is why some nice professional touches on your nose might give amazing results when combined with other facial cosmetic surgeries. After a successful combination of two or three surgeries, you can have your dream face.

To learn more about nose surgery Turkey and different surgical techniques used, contact us and get a free quote today.

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