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After Two Session of Afro Hair Transplant Istanbul

This is the experience of our patient after the first and second visits. During the first visit he got hair transplant and dental crowns, after a year of waiting, he decides he wants to have more density, want to know more? You can also read our blog about him.

What is an afro hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a proven hair restoration method that can restore hair growth over time and increase patient confidence. Patients of African or Caribbean origin who have lost their hair can also benefit from hair transplantation to regain their youthful appearance and natural hair. Since the hair of black people of African descent has a single root and curly structure, a hair transplant operation may be more difficult for a Caucasian patient than a hair transplant. Afro people can have a short hairline and a medium to the high hairline, while Caucasian men can have a high hairline.

Hair transplant specialists in Turkey offer high-level skills and extensive experience in ethnic hair restoration and ethnic cosmetic surgery. Hair transplant surgeons know the common challenges faced by black patients suffering from hair loss. Therefore, they can design suitable hair transplant techniques to meet the unique characteristics of Afro hair.

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Do I need two sessions of Afro hair transplant?

Conditions that require a second session in hair transplantation are as follows:

If a high number of grafts is required, it is better to divide these people into two or three sessions of operation.

It would be more accurate to do the crown area hair transplant in a separate session.

People who continue to have hair loss should be informed in advance that re-planting may be required in the following years. The second session of hair transplantation will be required for a large part of those who have a hair transplantation at an early age.

Generally, 1500-2000 grafts can be taken in 1 session in women. This number may not always be sufficient. Women may need a second session of hair transplantation in the following years.

A hair transplant can be done again to correct a poorly performed hair transplant.

How long do I have to wait before the second session?

If a person is planning to have a hair transplant again, it would be correct to do it 10-12 months after the first transplant. This period must pass for the donor area to recover. The number of grafts planned in the second session will generally be less than in the first session. The doctor who will transplant here should plan according to the capacity of the donor area. Transplanting beard hair or chest hair in the second session is a very sensible idea.

What do I get as after care products after my afro hair transplant?

Your doctor will tell you which hair care products are most suitable for you. It would be better for you not to use anything other than what your doctor has told you during this treatment.

What are zirconium crowns?

Zirconium dental veneer is the highest quality product that has been reached to date in the field of aesthetics, tissue compatibility, durability, and naturalness, which are the basic requirements of dentistry.

Zirconium infrastructure is a white metal found in nature and extracted like granite in an easier-to-understand form. Therefore, porcelains with a white background are obtained, as a difference from metal-supported or metal-based porcelains, which are still widely used today. In addition, it is much more resistant to compression and tensile forces than normal metal, making it an excellent alternative, especially for the oral environment where both horizontal and vertical forces are applied a lot, such as biting and crushing. Porcelains with zirconium substructure are preferred safely because they are aesthetic enough to be used on anterior teeth and because they are strong enough to be used on posterior teeth.

How are zirconium crowns are different than veneers?

Laminate veneer (leaf porcelain) is applied only to the front surface of the tooth with no cut or minimal cut. It is applied to the teeth one by one.

In zirconium, cuts are made all around to allow for the thickness of the material. It is full coverage.

Should I get zirconium crowns or dental veneers?

The answer to the question of whether it is zirconium or veneers varies according to the tooth to be applied. Veneers do not have to be applied to every tooth that allows zirconium application. It has different indications. In this direction, the recommendations of the dentists as a result of the examination are very important.

Smile design applications and other treatments should be criticized and decided. Many factors such as the enamel texture and structure on the tooth surface and the abrasions on the tooth are effective in the selection of treatment. That’s why you should talk to your doctor about choosing the best treatment.

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