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After Care : Male Breast Reduction with FlyHealth, interview with our patient from London

N.A., from London

Male Breast Reduction

Through male breast reduction surgery, plastic surgeons can correct large breasts by performing a minor liposuction or by removing breast tissue. We had a chance to interview our young patient N.A from London right after he got it off his chest. Many men who think about male breast reduction surgery to correct enlarged breasts would be happy to listen to his thoughts.

“I found FlyHealth very professional, I met them and they  understood what my needs were, initial conversation was in London. I signed up to newsletter and I knew your consultant would be in London, which really was a start, everything was straightforward. That was the start of understanding what was possible with the surgery” He expressed.

Then he came to Istanbul and had the operation.
“Operation went very well, between the consultation and surgery took about 10 months, when I was ready to book the surgery, I was informed very well”.  He said.

While plastic surgery is associated with women, the industry has witnessed an increasing number of male patients seeking cosmetic surgery treatment. As women reign supreme in the realm of plastic surgery, men are catching up with the latest trends to look younger, healthier and better. And figures do not lie. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of plastic surgery procedures for men has soared by more than 106 percent between 1977 and 2012.

“ I feel good, still some swelling but the doctor said that is natural, the doctor is happy how everything well.” Our patient said.

Doctor briefed the patient very well.
“All my experience would be the same in Europe or in America, I would definitely recommend FlyHealth, do not be considered, everything is in the same standard as in Europe or in America” our patient claimed finally. After the first two days of recovering from male breast reduction, you should start feeling considerably more comfortable. It’s essential not to take part in any strenuous activity for at least three to four weeks, as your chest may still be sore.

There are varying causes of gynecomastia. It can happen when the hormonal balance shifts, with an increase in estrogen or drop in androgens. This can occur of expected hormonal changes during puberty or again, or due the use of certain drugs or herbal products. Living a life free of gynecomastia is liberating and gratifying. The benefits are well known. However, it’s essential to be informed about what the surgery entails and what to do during the aftercare period.

To learn more about male breast reduction Turkey,contact FlyHealth today.

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