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After Care : Nose Surgery interview by Aurora from UK

Aurora from UK

“Especially after booking everything, I got more nervous but my mind was at ease by FlyHealth, I had throughout in person consultation made me sure of everything.”

Day before heading back to London, we had small talk with our patient Aurora, who had her nose surgery in Turkey operation done at FlyHealth.

What is Nose Surgery?

Nose surgery also called rhinoplasty in the medical language, is an aesthetic operation in which the bone and cartilage tissue in the nose is reshaped and given a new appearance, to treat the existing appearance and functions of the nose.

The nose, which is in the middle of our face, is very decisive in our external appearance. Those who have aesthetic concerns about their nose or have difficulty in breathing tend to have nose surgery.

Our nose, which is a vital organ as well as aesthetically, undertakes vital tasks such as breathing and exhalation. Healthy breathing also brings a healthy life.

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In Which Situations Are Nose Aesthetics Applied?

  • The nose is large or small according to the facial structure
  • The nose is arched
  • The nose is sunken or crooked
  • Deformation of the tip of the nose
  • The tip of the nose is low
  • The presence of meat in the nose
  • Problems that cause respiratory congestion are also eliminated during nose surgery

Post-Operation Considerations

  • Water should not be consumed for 4 hours after the operation. Within 4 hours, the lips can be moistened with a wet cloth. Vomiting may occur with early water consumption
  • There is silicone in the nose for 4-7 days after the surgery, these materials do not make you feel uncomfortable because they have channels that are suitable for air
  • After the surgery, you should lie upright and double pillows should be used
  • Light sports can be started after 2-3 days, but care should be taken not to do heavy sports for 1 month
  • It is forbidden to lift heavy weights and enter the sea or pool for 1 month.  Mild pain in the first 3 days, bruising and swelling in the first week
  • Be careful not to blow your nose for 2 weeks after surgery
  • Do not go out in the sun without protection, you should use sunscreen if you are going out.

FlyHealth Patients Are Always Happy

Thanks to the customer satisfaction protocol that we follow, we do not have any patients who leave Turkey unhappily! Our successful surgeries and the attention we show to our customers also contribute greatly to this. Our first priority is always customer satisfaction. What matters to us is whether the client has had a healthy operation and how satisfied he is with the service we provide.

FlyHealth Works With The Best Hospitals In Istanbul

Since our first priority is customer satisfaction, we also care about our hospitals. If we do not work with a good hospital, how will our patients be satisfied? That’s why we work with the best hospitals.

The FlyHealth Team Of Doctors Is Experienced And Expert.

The satisfaction and health of our patients are very important to us. That’s why we always work with specialists and experienced doctors. Thanks to our specialist doctors, we always have happy patients with good results. See our medical team.

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