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After Nose Surgery in Turkey, Can I smile?

Nose Surgery

After a nose surgery week our patient finally saw his new nose the first thing he said was;

– I want to cry, I did not expect so pretty! Can i smile?
– Yes of course it is your nose ?

The nose is a very important part of facial aesthetics. Thanks to rhinoplasty surgery, it is aimed to change the facial aesthetics seriously and make it look more beautiful.

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Rhinoplasty, that is, aesthetic nose surgery should be planned according to the person’s face, skin, cartilage, and nose anatomy. The goal is to reshape the nasal skeleton and surrounding tissues, making them suitable and proportional to the face of the person. No nose is alike, so the procedures to be performed may differ from each other. Therefore, today, the more natural structural rhinoplasty template has dominated, without removing excess cartilage and bone structures as in the old methods.

While it is cosmetically important for the person who has rhinoplasty, it is also important for the physician who performs it in order to preserve the functional properties of the nose. Because the nose has an important role in the respiratory system. While creating the new shape of the nose in nose surgery, the breathing function of the nasal cartilage, tissue, and bone should not be disturbed. In addition, if there are conditions that cause nasal congestion, it should be corrected. For this reason, it is an aesthetic operation related to the skill and experience of the rhinoplasty physician.

About The Rhinoplasty Surgery

Nose aesthetic surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia in a hospital environment. It can be done to anyone, male or female, who has completed the age of bone development and does not have any additional disease.

The roughage limit is 16 to 17 for girls and 17 to 18 for boys. The duration of the operation is approximately 1 to 3 hours, depending on the intervention and technique. These times are usually longer in revision surgeries. This surgery can be performed with an open or closed technique. Which technique will be applied to the person is related to the communication between the patient and the surgeon and the surgeon’s preference according to the person’s condition. After the surgery, tampons may not be placed in the nose, and silicone-made tampons are preferred, where the patient can breathe comfortably, in the stages where the tampon is required. Thus, the patient does not have difficulty breathing after the surgery and has a more comfortable period.

It is very beneficial for the physician to know the expectations and wishes of the patient before the surgery. Therefore, it is very important to meet with the patient and the physician before rhinoplasty.

Planning is done with the patient, the ability to analyze visually is provided by designing in the digital environment, and some of the patient’s concerns are eliminated. This design does not include any guarantee regarding the outcome of the surgery. The main purpose of this design is to reveal the patient’s expectations and more realistic expectations according to the patient’s nose and face structure and to provide better communication.

The nose that the patient will see for the first time after the surgery when the plaster and bandages are removed, will not be the final result. Depending on the type and amount of the grafts (tissues such as bone, cartilage added to the nose) used during the surgery, the decrease in edema in the tissues and the final shape of the nose, the surgical technique used, the structure of the nose skin and the surgery. it will take about 6 to 12 months, with faster in the first 2 to 3 months.

Our Patient’s Reaction

He saw himself and then he was just shocked. He couldn’t believe himself with his new nose. He couldn’t believe it so much that he kept asking if he could smile with his new self. He just wanted to cry because he didn’t see himself as handsome as now. He didn’t expect himself this much pretty. He thanks a lot. He had wanted this surgery all his life.

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