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All I Want for Christmas is My Hair Back

2015 is drawing to a close and the New Year is slowly approaching; and with the holiday season already upon us, many people are indulging in retrospection and revising their wish list. Some people’s New Year’s resolution is to buy the fastest car, latest gadget or to lose weight.

Other people mostly men wish they could get their hair back. Whether you have been naughty or nice, you can restore your hair permanently with hair transplant surgery. And unlike last year’s resolutions, which were put aside or carried onto the next year, hair transplant surgery is an attainable goal that, for once, you will easily be able to commit to.

Men today are very fortunate to live in time where hair transplant surgery is an easy and accessible medical procedure.

Whether you are experiencing slight hair thinning, or extensive areas of balding, 2016 might be the year when you start to think of a permanent solution for hair loss—like hair transplant surgery. In just 6 hours, a hair loss patient can get up to 5000 grafts transplanted.

Contrary to common belief—that hair transplant is a solution only for male hair loss—women, too, suffering from female pattern baldness can benefit from hair restoration procedure.

Hair transplant procedure involves collecting between 4,000 to 5,000 individual hair follicles from the posterior are of the scalp (known as the donor area), using a hair restoration technique called follicular unit extraction (FUE).

After the follicles are extracted, they are then meticulously implanted into the balding areas following a specific, previously designed plan.

If you’re in the early stages of hair loss, your surgeon may recommend waiting it out until you’ve lost most hair, so that you don’t need a second session of hair transplant in a few years. In the meantime, you can slow the hair loss process and regrow any thinning hair by using Minoxidil spray. Besides hair transplant surgery, there’s a lot you could do to help slow the hair loss process.

Improve your diet

As the old saying goes: you are what you eat and your hair health is no exception. There are certain foods you can eat that help hair growth than others, particularly foods high in protein, iron and zinc. Make sure you include these nutrients in your diet and you will notice significant improvement in your hair health.

Style your hair wisely

While genes are the predetermined cause for hair loss, lifestyle choices can take a toll on your hair. Styles that put a lot of stress on the hair, such as tight braids and taut ponytails can trigger traction alopecia hair loss. If you regularly style your hair rightly and are starting to see some thinning, commit to a hairstyle change. A hair transplant surgeon can help you determine the real causes of hair loss and your hair stylist can help you come up with a new style that doesn’t affect your hair.

Reduce stress

High levels of stress don’t actually harm your hair; however, in some cases, stress can lead to a condition known as telogen effluvium. This condition usually occurs after experiencing a trauma in your life and may the form of excessive shedding. Although telogen effluvium is usually temporary, finding ways to relieve stress in your life will not only help reduce hair loss, it will also have a positive impact on your overall quality of living.

Take time for yourself each day to meditate and relax by taking deep breaths. Many people find yoga or another form of exercise helps them deal with everyday stress.

Happy Hair Transplant Holidays

“Where Can I get my hair back?” You ask. The holidays are all about traveling and merrymaking; why not make this New Year special with hair transplantation and welcome in another New Year with a head full of hair. Take advantage of this merry season and book your hair transplant surgery Turkey.

As the world’s capital of hair transplantation, Turkey has generated over USD 1 billion from hair transplants in 2014, according to i24News.

The drastically affordable cost of hair transplant in Turkey is attracting 5,000 foreign patients to Turkey each month to undergo a hair restoration operation. Close to 3,500 of those monthly hair transplant tourists arrive from affluent Arab Gulf States like Saudi Arabia and UAE. Many of the patients who travel to Turkey for hair transplantation also bring their families, taking advantage of the mild weather, year-round shopping deals and beautiful scenery.

Cost of hair transplant in Turkey

The average cost of hair transplantation in Turkey will run between $1,700 and $2,000. Hair transplant clinics in the UK or the US however charge as much as $25,000 for the same procedure. The lower cost of living, overhead charges and high exchange rate to Euro and USD make Turkey the most preferred hair transplant destination for Arabs and Europeans alike.

To learn more about your hair transplant options in Turkey, contact FlyHealth today and get a free quote.

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