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All the way from UK to Turkey on her own: Kate’s inspiring Mommy Makeover Istanbul story

Mommy makeover Istanbul: The finishing touch to the beauty

Last week, we were honored with the coming of one of our patients for Mommy makeover Istanbul. Kate has chosen to get our help to arrange her a little aesthetic touch. For her, it is even hard to call it an “operation”, because she was already beautiful before the surgery. What she had might best be called as “the finishing touch to the beauty”.

Kate, a mother of 4 kids, has come all the way from UK to Istanbul by herself, using the service provided by FlyHealth. Online research is the starting point for many people living in the UK or Western Europe. We have got patients coming different parts of the world. Kate did the same thing. During the first phase of research, she got into contact with our team. “The video call I made with you helped me make my decision” said she to our patient host in Istanbul. “Having a real human being from the company makes you feel comfortable, increases the trust.” It must have been a tough decision, nevertheless she made it.

Arriving in Istanbul

Coming from the UK, she had access to Covid tests and got through the airport in Istanbul very easily. One needs to have covid test at most 72 hours before arriving in Istanbul. At the airport, she was welcomed by our driver, who took her to the hotel. All the transfers within the city were provided by us. Throughout the process, Kate inspired us with her independence and confidence.

First consultation in the hospital

Early in the morning, she found her room prepared for her and the ordinary arrangements done for the first consultation. She has come for a Mommy Makeover Istanbul and Zirconium crowns for her teeth. From the beginning till the end, our host was at her side, translating between the doctor, hospital staff and her. It is thanks to our host that we know how exactly this process ran for Kate. Our doctor already had a concrete plan about which operations will be done for Kate, however, this first consultation was done to keep everything under control and according to plan.

Surgery at the hospital

For Mommy Makeover Istanbul, she was at the hospital for 2 nights. Obviously, she felt tired in the first couple of days. On the day she was to be taken to the hospital, our host accompanied her in the hospital and explained everything by translating what the doctor said to her. After such an operation, it is crucial to understand the instructions of the doctor. A supporting corset and bra were given to her and she went to the hotel to rest. For a person who has never done such a thing, it might seem a little bit scary, yet when you know that a supporting, reliable person will be with you, it becomes much easier. Through time, Kate felt much better. In the 3rd and 4th days, she could walk and move more comfortably. It was then that she got her teeth done.

Getting her teeth done

A good smile can make a woman very beautiful and knowing this, Kate got her teeth crowned. She talked with the dentist, decided on the tone of the whiteness her new teeth would have, and was very satisfied with the results. “It is very affordable here when compared to the UK” said she, explaining the reason for getting her teeth done in Istanbul. Unfortunately, NHS, the National Health System of the UK, doesn’t cover some of the crucial dental operations. Then she added: “It would have cost me a fortune in the UK”. Although the dental material is at the similar price level in Turkey and the Western countries, the exchange rate and labor costs are lower in Turkey. Although their medical expertise is in no way lower than western countries, Turkish doctors earn relatively lower, which is reflected in the price of such operations in Turkey. Kate is one of those people who take advantage of a medical travel and save, not on the quality of the medical service, but the cost of it.

Post-operation controls and checks

The last days passed with check-ups and overall, everything went well for Kate. However, we wanted to make sure that everything was alright. On her way back, she got detailed instructions from the doctor about her recovery and medications. Medical support was not limited to physical consultations, we did our best to answer her questions. We still keep in touch with her for the post-operation support. At FlyHealth, we see it an honor to serve patients seeking medical travel. To make this process as smooth as possible, we are ready to take care of you on a one-to-one basis.

A farewell to our dear guest

With this occasion, we would like to thank once again to Kate for choosing us. Her independence and confidence impressed us deeply and we thought that this might be encouraging for other women and men who have doubts. We are ready to answer those doubts and help you with your medical travel. For a video testimonial, please check the video interview done by our host with Kate. For further information or in order to book your place through us, check our contact channels.

Once again, it was a pleasure to serve you, Kate…

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