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Am I going bald or am I going crazy??

“Help I’m losing my hair!!!”

As sad truth for many people amongst us and it can be very devastating, stressful and saddening. More and more people lose their hair in a faster way then it should be. Young people are getting bald or bald spots on an age you should not be worrying about baldness yet. This is mostly the result of stress, hair products, some specific hairstyles, outdoor pollution, poor diets, etc. It becomes a true nightmare and headache.

There are variety of products and treatments in the market for hair loss, but which is a good one? Which product will work? Which treatment will work? Which therapist is reliable?

These are all questions a person who suffers from hair loss and it is not an easy decision. The variety of help is too big to really know which solution will fit you best. On top of that, you might have tried already more than half of the products and treatments but nothing worked. This results in confidence loss, a lot of money spent and all the hope you had disappeared.
We come across patients who tried every medication and product as they start to panic once they figure out their hair loss issue. They have tried products like Minoxidil, Lipogain, Rogain, Infinite Growth and Nunutritions. Not only harmful products also medication like Finasteride, Spironolactone, Cimetidine, Tagamet and many more.

Unfortunately, these products and medications don’t always work according to the expectations of the patient. Those patients get hopeless, disappointed, emotional and even more stressed and loose all faith in finding a solution.

That is where we jump in. We do have the solution which will bring back your beautiful hair and looks. Our team is a team of experts, which will search the perfect solution for your hair loss problem. The experts tell you whether you are eligible for hair transplantation or not. Not everyone is eligible, just because of one simple reason; it is not yet another beauty treatment. Having thinning hair doesn’t mean that you are eligible for receiving hair transplantation. Following patients can qualify to receive a hair transplantation:

  • Patients who are suffering from genetic hair loss because for more than 5 years
  • Patients who understand the procedure, benefits and limitations of the hair transplant treatment
  •  Male patients who’s hair loss has been stabilized
  • Female patients who suffer from pattern baldness and have a stable donor area

Our techniques are precise and are unique for each patient. The patients that come to us have their own emotional story, which takes our breath away every time. We understand the struggle and don’t want to give false hope and temporary solutions. It is our responsibility to provide what we promise and to get your self-confidence back to where it was. We have various techniques which we can apply and sometimes we combine a few techniques to get the best result for that particular patient. We make a case study and take along our previous patients rapports who had similar issues and a similar hair structure. Once that is cleared out we provide the best solution to our patient. Our techniques are divers but effective and satisfying. To give you an overview:

  • Follicular Unit Extractions
  • Beard and eyebrow transplant
  • Non-surgical hair restoration which are: Platelet Rich Plasma & Mesotherpay

We are well known and more and more patients come to us and are referred to us if they want to have a permanent, reliable and satisfying solution for their hair loss problems. You will be treated by the best therapist with the best educational background whom have experience in the hair transplantation field since many year. We guarantee success, satisfaction and a restored self-confidence.

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