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Arm Lift and Breast Lift With Implants Done At One Time

Our patient had a breast lift and implants arm lift surgeries. Let’s listen to her experiences.

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Breast Lift

How is breast lift surgery performed?

Breast lift surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia and may be needed by people for various reasons, is the choice of many women. The operation, which is performed to make sagging, asymmetrical, reduced volume breasts appear fuller and more upright, is the aesthetic intervention with the most satisfactory result. The intervention that will make the nipples stand higher is a surgical operation in which the excess skin is removed, the tissue surrounding the chest line is tightened, and the breasts are reshaped and lifted.

How long does the operation take? How long does it take to return to normal life?

The average duration of the breast lift operation is about 3 hours. The hospital stay after the operation is 1 or 2 days, depending on the condition of the person. Swelling or pain in the breasts during this process is normal and should not cause concern. These pains can be controlled with painkillers. In addition, during the recovery period, you should be protected against conditions such as strain, friction, and wear after returning to your daily life. Excessive movement will affect the process negatively, and smoking is prohibited in this process.

Does a person with a silicone prosthesis have an increased risk of developing cancer? Do silicone prostheses cause cancer?

Although there is a piece of false information among the public that silicone prostheses cause breast cancer, experts say that such information does not exist. The fact that studies conducted in this direction have not presented such data reveals the reliability of silicone prostheses. In addition, silicone is not only used as a breast prosthesis in the human body. In addition, catheters and some surgical sutures are made of silicone material and there is no evidence that they cause cancer in the human body.

Do silicone prostheses prevent mammography examinations?

Breast prostheses are placed behind the breast tissue. For this reason, prostheses do not cause any problems in the examination of breast tissue. Moreover, the digital mammography device has a special program for the breast with prosthesis and automatically adjusts these settings to capture the optimal image. In short, breast prostheses do not cause any problems in performing mammography examinations. In this regard, you can choose a breast prosthesis with peace of mind and achieve the look you dream of.

Breastfeeding After Breast Lift Surgery

Since the surgical technique does not require cutting the milk ducts, there will be no problem in the case of lactation if the patient gives birth in the future. Specific complications that may occur very rarely due to circulatory problems are necrosis of adipose tissue or nipple tissue. Stitches are removed in 12-15 days. After the operation, the patient may complain of pain for the first day or two. These pains are relieved with painkillers. After dressing for a few days after surgery, the patient is put on a bra. It is recommended that the bra to be used should be non-wired, soft combed, and cover the entire chest.

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Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Sagging and loosening of the arms are one of the most common problems in middle-aged women. This problem, which is especially visible in excess weight gain and loss, becomes even more striking when sleeveless clothes are worn in the summer months. Arm stretching can be applied to patients who are very uncomfortable with loosening and sagging in their arms.

The arm lift is a surgical procedure aimed at removing excess skin and loosening especially on the elbow in women. The aim of the surgery is not only to make the arms thinner but also to make them tenser.

Arm lift surgeries are usually performed on women over the age of 40. Especially after weight gain and loss, the relaxation on the elbow increases. Some skin types are prone to loosening.

In such patients, the problem may occur at an earlier age. An “L” shaped incision is made starting from the armpit and going down to the elbow. Usually, only the skin is removed and the tension of the arm is increased.

In patients with very thick arms, liposuction can also be added to the procedure. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia in operating room conditions. After the surgery, there is a three-week movement restriction in the arms. After the third week, movements in the arm begin. After the sixth week, all kinds of activities are free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arm Lift Aesthetics

Arm Lift Surgery Prices

Depending on the condition of the arm region, the methods to be applied and the duration of the surgery may vary, as well as the pricing. In addition, it is not correct and legal to give clear information about surgery prices.

Can Non-Surgical Arm Lift Be Performed?

The only option that can be applied to stretch the loose and sagging arm is a surgical operation. It is not possible to obtain the results obtained with arm lift surgery with medical aesthetic applications.

What Are the Risks Related to Arm Lift Surgery?

It does not have a special risk factor different from other surgical operations.

Can’t Troubleshoot With Liposuction Only?

If the skin quality is good in arm sagging, only liposuction may be sufficient. However, if the skin has lost its quality, arm lift surgery is required.

Can Liposuction be performed together with Arm Lift Surgery?

In some arm aesthetic operations, liposuction and arm stretching are applied together. In addition, this operation can be performed in combination with liposuction, which will be applied to other regions.

Is There Any Scar After Arm Lift Surgery?

The scars of the incisions made in the surgery are kept hidden under the armour in the lower part of the body. These scars lose their clarity over time.

Does Arm Lift Surgery Need to be Repeated?

It is not necessary to repeat the arm lift surgery unless there is an extreme situation that will cause the arm skin to deform again.

Can Arm Prolapse and Breast Prolapse Surgery be Performed Together?

Arm lift surgery can also be performed together with other operations such as breast lift, breast reduction or breast augmentation, leg stretching, and tummy tuck.

Is Arm Lift Aesthetics Permanent?

With arm lift surgery, it is possible to have permanently stretched arms and a more proportional body. However, to maintain this result, care should be taken not to gain excessive weight again, and regular exercise and skincare should be done.

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