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BBL Istanbul, Natural and Good-looking Results

BBL Istanbul is a trendy procedure with outstanding results on anyone who desires bigger looking bum while getting rid of unwanted fat. Our patient came all away from the Netherlands, with her family enjoyed her stay in 5 star hotel and satisfied with the results.

Connecting with us

They found FlyHealth through her searching on the internet for Brazilian butt lift Istanbul and liposuction. They absolutely wanted to have several surgeries done but didn’t want to spend what Hollywood stars spend on such a surgeries. Of course, most clinics that offer surgeries are also cheap in quality. Then they found out about FlyHealth and read about all the positive comments and experiences of the surgery in Istanbul.

Experience throughout the before and after surgery

We have met with her and her family who also booked several surgeries, in our office in Leiden. Throughout the conversation with the doctor, worries went away. Everything was bookend and they landed in Istanbul after a short period of time. Our BBL patient was not at all nervous and even when she landed in Istanbul; there was no sign of nervousness. Also the flight towards Istanbul was a very nice flight with no remarks.

Services matched their expectations. Once they arrived in Istanbul airport they were guided from A till Z. They were brought to a pleasant 5 star hotel where they could come to peace, before having to meet the specialist, which they were accompanied to. During their flight back there was a heavy rain but these conditions did not affect catching their flight on time. They were excited to see and meet everyone who’d be guiding them throughout the procedure and of course they were excited to see the specialist who’d be giving her the treatment.

She was happy to be here and everything went according how she thinks it would go.
During her first consultation, the specialist explained her everything about the procedure. What would happen step by step, what she could expect and what would happen afterwards.
Though, she thought that the surgery would be less great (thinking of pain, bruises etc. afterwards), also here she was very satisfied as she had just a few bruises and they didn’t even hurt.

Recommendation from our patient

She was very excited before coming to Istanbul and take her BBL Turkey. Everything was so perfectly arranged that she wasn’t nervous. Not in the beginning and not when she arrived in Istanbul. She got answers to all her questions, was never left alone and had a perfect first consultation where everything was explained to her in detail. Everything ran according to her plan and thoughts. It was, however, an exciting adventure, but an adventure which she is happy to share with her friends and family to recommend it to others, to get surgery done in Istanbul.

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