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Beard Transplants Turkey Boom

‘’Beard the lion,’’ they say. Beards have been “in” and desired for a while, and have managed to preserve its preferred position among men for a few years now.

More and more men are embracing facial hair—and growing a beard has become a larger-than-life trend; say goodbye to the clean-cut shaved look, and hello to the bushy, unshaved beard. This trend has gained more popularity among young professional executives who are giving up their smooth appearance for a more older and respectable look.

This trend was fueled by rise of male celebrities who have been sporting a manlier look. From the likes of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling to Tom Selleck, famous Hollywood stars are letting their beards grow to increase their fan base and sex appeal.

Thanks to the growing affinity to facial hair, beard transplant Turkey has been growing in popularity.

Of all hair restoration treatments carried out internationally beard transplants grew from 1.5 percent in 2013 to 3.7 percent in 2014, according to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

What you should know about beard transplantation Turkey  

In the past, hair transplantation wasn’t as successful as it is today. Hair transplants had the unfortunate result of getting of a doll’s head, because what were transplanted were plug-like grafts of about 15 hair follicles. For this reason, beard transplantation was not possible because the procedure would have left the patient with a cobblestoned completion.

Today, facial hair restoration surgeons can transplant single hair follicles instead of plugs of 15 of them; hence this guarantees the natural appearance of the beard—which can be shaved and then regrown, just like normal beards.

Due to the high demand for beard transplant Turkey, hair restoration physicians have gained extensive experience with facial hair transplantation. Hair transplant doctors in Turkey perform an average of three to four of beard transplants each week.

Ok, here’s the skinny on what you need to know about beard transplant before you embark on this facial transformation journey.

How does beard transplant work

During beard transplant surgery—via follicular unit extraction technique— single hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head (donor site), where hair is thickest—and then transplanted in the beard region. The donor hairs for a facial hair can also be taken from the sides of the scalp. The hair restoration expert will determine the donor sites depending on which offers the closest match to the facial hair.

Facial hair transplant Turkey experts often use grafts containing one—and sometimes—two hairs to ensure achieving the most natural appearance.

The number of grafts required can vary—but averages between 300-700 grafts for a cheek beard. For the mustache: 350-500 grafts. Full goatee: 600-700 grafts.

Hair transplant experts in Turkey put a lot of emphasis on the graft placement, angle and direction to ensure naturalness. In order to keep scars to a minimum, facial hair transplant specialists in Istanbul use all-microscopically dissected grafts that can be inserted in the smallest possible incisions.

Once transplanted, the hairs are natural and permanent—and typically grow just like facial hair with the same texture and other characteristics. The transplanted hair can be shaved normally just like other facial hair.

While this procedure is most commonly performed on the beard, it can also be performed on mustaches areas, goatee, sideburns and cheeks—part of facial hair restoration treatment. Facial hair transplants can also be used to mask acne scars and other types of scars.

It’s not uncommon for patients to require a second procedure to transplant additional grafts if they need a very thick density.

Why beard transplant Turkey

And where else would one get a thick beard than in world’s capital of hair transplant?

Baby-faced men wishing for a thick beard flock to Turkey for the same reasons hair loss patients do. Turkey has become synonymous with hair restoration procedures attracting patients from Europe, Middle East and Asia to its advanced clinics and skilled doctors.

Cost of beard transplant Turkey

Another added benefit is the cost; the cost of beard transplant Turkey is one-third or more compared to the ones in Europe. Needless to say the price of hair transplant in Turkey or facial hair restoration procedure may vary depending on the complexity of the procedure, method chosen—and the number of grafts required. Patients traveling to Turkey for beard transplants are able to save up to 80 percent on their treatment.

Top quality equipment

Quality of equipment used in hair transplant clinics in Turkey are outstanding, housed in state-of-the-art medical centers, which allows surgeons to use the latest hair restoration techniques to ensure patients receive the best results and patient care available in Europe and Asia.

Skill and expertise

With years of experience and successful results, Turkey has won the patient’s confidence and trust. Turkey is home to many experienced doctors in the filed of facial hair restoration—and hosts the most advanced technologies and treatments techniques.

With facial hair still firmly in fashion, beard transplants will continue to grow and attract more people to increase density and fullness to their beards.

To learn more about beard transplant Turkey, contact one of our facial hair restoration experts for a free price quote.

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