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(*to try and maintain patient confidentiality, identifying tattoos, marks, and facial features may have been altered or obstructed)

Cosmetic Surgery: Before after gallery

Cosmetic surgery is a unique field in medicine focused on enhancing the aesthetical appearance of patients through surgical techniques. Treated areas function properly, yet the patient experiences a lack of physical appeal. When this phenomenon occurs, the patient can choose to undergo cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on all areas of the body. In this page you can see before after gallery.

The results of cosmetic surgery are almost always permanent. Hence, our medical professionals will always take time to discuss your wishes and to advice the appropriate treatment. What types of cosmetic surgery exist?

Welcome to the Before After gallery of FlyHealth. All images presented here are actual patients FlyHealth. These are real patients with real results. None of these results have been altered in any way to ensure you can see realistic transformations our treatments can offer.*

1. Hair transplantation

By the age of 50, approximately 85% of men will have experienced significant hair loss. Not only men are affected by hair loss, also women can experience shedding. However, women rarely go completely bald. Both men and women can then opt for a hair transplantation. Tiny hair follicles, often at the back of the head, are extracted with a pen-like device and implanted in the receipt site. There are several methods to perform a hair transplantation. Most patients experience significant hair regrowth after 5-12 months after cosmetic surgery.

2. Breast surgery

Women who experience a lack of physical appeal related to their breasts can elect breast surgery as a treatment. Breast surgery (e.g. breast enhancement, breast reduction) is a treatment where the surgeon reshapes the breasts according to the patient’s preference, to enhance one’s aesthetical appearance.

3. Body surgery

There exist several bodily cosmetic procedures that a patient can undergo. A tummy-tuck (abdominoplasty) is a treatment where the surgeon rids the patient of excess fat and skin around the waist and simultaneously tightens the muscles to create a stronger, fitter physique. Male breast surgery (gynecomastia) is a phenomenon where males with excess fat around the breasts, creating the appearance of man boobs, consult a surgeon to perform cosmetic surgery. The surgeon removes the excess skin and fat which results in an enhanced masculine appearance. More treatments for the body can be found here!

4. Face surgery

Similarly to body surgery, multiple treatments exist for the facial area. Chin augmentation (chin correction) is a treatment where one’s natural chin distorts facial symmetry, creating an asymmetrical appearance. In this case, the patient can opt for chin augmentation, where the surgeon inserts a chin implant which corrects the asymmetry. A facelift is a popular procedure where one’s face is ‘stretched’ backwards, ridding the patient of wrinkles. More treatments can be found here.

5. Dental surgery

When the patient lacks the physical appeal around the dental area, he or she can opt for dental surgery. Teeth whitening is a common procedure where one’s teeth undergo a surgery resulting in a much whiter, brighter appearance. When a patient lost a piece of a tooth, or experiences pain in a particular area of a tooth, a dental crown can be placed over this area to restore its original shape and strength. Find out more about our dental procedures.

On this page you’ll find real before after photo gallery of patients who’ve underwent surgery at FlyHealth. None of these pictures have been altered in any way, to ensure a realistic image of what cosmetic surgery can do for you.

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