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Black Nose Job Turkey: Enhancing Ethnic Beauty

The nose is one of the most important focal points of the face and therefore it plays a great role in facial appearance. However each nose carries unique traits that directly reflect the person’s ethnicity.

Africans traditionally have avoided cosmetic surgery procedures; on the other hand improved technology, increased acceptance among young Africans—and less social stigma linked to cosmetic surgery led to a significant interest in plastic surgery within the African community.

Within the last decade cosmetic procedures among African patients have increased by leaps and bounds, making the African aesthetic surgery the fastest growing demographic in aesthetic surgery practices.

One of the most common plastic surgery treatments among African American women is nose surgery (cosmetic nasal surgery).

Nose surgery reshapes the nose into a more attractive, pleasing form. With customized techniques, proper evaluation and timely planning, rhinoplasty can be one of the most satisfying facial plastic surgery procedure for African patients.

Every rhinoplasty surgery is different as every nose is unique. African noses feature more fatty tissue and ticker skin. The nasal bones are short and the bridge of the nose is often wide, low and flat. Many African patients are bothered by the width of their nostrils—which can sometimes expand as they smile.

Reasons for getting rhinoplasty vary with each individual. Some African patients are unhappy with the noses they are born with; and some have noticed changes to the shape of their noses as they have aged.

For others, a sports injury or accident may have altered the shape of the nose and they simple want their old nose back. And just like seeking a traditional nose surgery, sometimes the goal is simply improved breathing.

Techniques used in African Rhinoplasty

African rhinoplasty often features a narrowing of the nose bridge while using an implant or harvested cartilage to enhance the profile. Tip refinement and narrowing of the nostrils is also common. Finally the removal of excess fatty tissue is usually required in order to show the newly found definition.

While the emphasis of nose surgery should be to improve the beauty of the nose, a huge factor of success is ensuring the alternations of the nose match other facial characteristics.

Ethnic rhinoplasty is designed to feature an additional emphasis on the result that complements patient’s natural ethnic appearance. Conventional rhinoplasty techniques used by most plastic surgeons leave the African nose looking pinched, turned up and lacking in the overall harmony with the patients’ face. The makes the nose look “worked on.”

To avoid this look, African patients must find a plastic surgeon that grasps the unique aesthetic needs of the African nose.

What to consider in African Rhinoplasty?

  • Maintaining the patient’s ethnic features
  • Reshaping the nose into a more refined look

Black nose job Turkey

Plastic surgery Turkey specialists are board-certified in facial aesthetic surgery and head & neck treatments. Cosmetic surgeons in Turkey specialize in primary and revision African American rhinoplasty or the black nose job, revolutionizing many new methods designed specifically for the black nose.

Plastic surgery Turkey experts’ unique techniques allowed them to consistently achieve satisfactory results for their patients time and time again.

To learn more about nose job Turkey, contact our plastic surgeons today.

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