BBL Before After photo gallery of FlyHealth patients

Welcome to the BBL Before After photo gallery

BBL before after images presented here are actual patients FlyHealth. These are real patients with real results. None of these results have been altered in any way to ensure you can see realistic transformations our treatments can offer.*

BBL Before After

Photographs are different for each patient. Because each patient’s body type is different. We aim to extract fat from stomach, sides and lower back and inject it back to the butt area. Depending on the amount of fat you may have, other body areas might also be used as fat extraction areas.

BBL Surgery expectations

Realistically anyone expects to have round belly and bigger butt after the BBL surgery. This is realistic expectation of this surgery. However do not forget there is maximum liters of fat that can be injected. Therefore, while dreaming for very big butt please consider health facts and give an ear to the recommendation of the consultant.