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Breast Augmentation Review by Anonymous Abercynon – Testimonial

Anonymous Abercynon

Breast Augmentation

“Absolutely Fabulous”

“I had breast augmentation.. Of which i am very VERY pleased with.. I had ummed and rr’d for years.. Excellent procedure very professional throughout. Told all what to expect before and after treatment-and all different brands available.. Told in advance what procedure, how long it would take. What pain if any to expect after etc..
My answer to anyone asking about this procedure is always contact clinic before hand for all information- costs & care etc..
And that i would highly recommend Flyhealth to anyone.. My Surgeon was such a genuine kind caring helpful professional gentleman..
All Staff at Flyhealth that i dealt with via phone email and in person were Absolutely Fabulous and so Professional, Kind, Caring, Empathic, Informative company. Excellent is my overall review..

I chose this clinic for two main reasons.

  1. Firstly Was Flyhealth as a company came across as Professional, Very Helpful, Very Informative, Empathic & a Very Genuine Kind & Professional Demeanour overall. (i had contacted 4 clinics in UK & 4 clinics abroad) Flyhealth ticked all the boxes Professional- to the Highest standards, cost & the location.
  2. The cost- also was half of what would have cost in UK and it being exactly the same Procedure Legalities & Professional Surgeon’s & same implants and so forth..”
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