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Breast Augmentation Review by Jasmina, from Toronto – Testimonial

Jasmina, from Toronto

Breast Augmentation

“It was one of my best experiences”
“I travelled solo from Toronto to Istanbul with no troubles. Everyone made me feel at ease, safe and at home. It was one of my best experiences I ever had! I love my new breasts and would highly recommend Fly health to any one to trust with their services.
Thank you Ozge and team for helping me make this all happen!

Hello from Toronto!”

Breast Augmentation Review by Jasmina, from Toronto – Testimonial

FlyHealth continues to make people happy again and again. We help our patients by providing them with the surgeries they want and the comfort they want!

Breast Augmentation

How is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Breast augmentation surgery simply consists of 4 stages.

  1. The first step of breast augmentation surgery is to choose the incision where the breast prosthesis will be placed.
  2. Using the determined incision, a surgical pocket is created where the breast prosthesis will be placed.
  3. The prosthesis that will be most suitable for the prepared pocket should be selected with the prosthesis-like false prostheses (size, measurer).
  4. In the final stage of breast augmentation surgery, the breast prosthesis is placed in the surgically prepared pocket.

Before the surgery, prostheses are determined in a certain range instead of a single size, and the copy of those prostheses is placed in the pocket where false prostheses are created and the best-looking aesthetic is selected. As a final step, the real prosthesis of the same size is placed.

In Which Situations Are Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Breast augmentation surgery is most often performed to increase breast size in women who are dissatisfied with their breast size. Apart from this, breast augmentation surgery can be performed for different reasons.

Breast augmentation surgery can help with the rehabilitation of sagging and shrinking breasts after breastfeeding or significant weight reduction.

Breast augmentation surgery can be performed on women whose breast structure has not developed due to a chest wall deformity to provide breast volume.

In addition to these situations, breast augmentation surgeries with a prosthesis can be performed to create breasts during the sex change process.

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How Are They Decide Which Way The Breast Prosthesis They’ll Place?

As we mentioned above, a breast prosthesis can be placed around the nipple, under the breast fold, under the armpit, and navel.

In order to place it around the nipple, the pink/brown area (areola) around the nipple should be wider than a certain diameter. In people who meet these conditions, the level of scarring is usually quite reasonable. Since it is a relatively easy access route, the operation time is short. The risk of loss of sensation in the nipple is low.

Placing a prosthesis from the inframammary fold is the most common method. It is a fast and safe method. The scar left after the surgery usually heals very well and is not visible because it remains under the breast. The risk of loss of breast tissue and subsequent breastfeeding problems is low.

Breast prosthesis placement through the navel is a method that is not often performed. When this surgical entry method is chosen, prostheses called gel implants, whose consistency is close to the breast tissue, cannot be placed, so prostheses that are subsequently inflated with serum are used. These prostheses are not as successful as gel prostheses in terms of natural consistency.

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