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Breast Implant Change

Breast implants are among the most popular surgeries around the world. This surgery involves using special material to make the breasts look bigger and fuller. However, breast implant surgery might not yield desired results in some cases. Further, the implant might rupture and leak into the surrounding breast tissue. In these cases, breast implant change surgery is necessary to replace the implant.

When Does Breast Implant Change Happen?

There are a few reasons for patients to request a breast implant change surgery. First, some patients might experience problems with their existing breast implants. The implant might rupture and leak which will lead to a non-aesthetic look and discomfort. In addition to that, some patients might want to replace their implants to opt for a larger breast implant. In these cases, a breast implant change surgery is performed to replace the existing implants.

How Is Breast Implant Change Surgery Performed?

The breast implant change surgery consists of different stages. The first stage of this surgery involves removing the existing breast implants. The implant removal process might be tricky if the implant ruptured. It is important to clean all the excess materials around the breast tissues. If the existing implant is intact, it is easier to remove it. At this point, the skill and experience of the surgeon will play an important role.

The next stage involves placing the new breast implants. Since the pocket for the new implant is ready, this stage takes shorter than the first stage. The implant size is selected before the surgery and the surgeon places the new breast implants. Then, the surgery is completed with sutures.

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How Long Does Breast Implant Change Recovery Take?

The patients who undergo breast implant change surgery are hospitalized for one day. Then, it is important to rest for a few days to speed up the recovery process. The patients can go back to their normal life after being discharged from the hospital. Still, it is important to avoid lifting heavy things or doing excessive sports for the first few weeks. The entire recovery process from breast implant change might take up to 8 weeks. The patients must follow the surgeon’s instructions for faster recovery.

Breast Implant Change Testimonials

Breast implant change surgery is operated in Turkey and this surgery is preferred by patients all around the world. FlyHealth organizes the entire breast implant change surgery process from accommodation to transfers and hospital selection. One of the patients came from the UK to have a breast implant change since the previous breast implant she had in the UK ruptured. The ruptured implants decreased her life quality so she wanted the implants to be changed. She heard FlyHealth from a friend and she followed the recommendation to arrange her surgery. The entire breast implant replacement process was a good experience for her. She is satisfied with the results of her surgery and chose Flyhealth to come to Turkey for a breast implant change. The entire surgery process took less than a week and she can go back to the UK without any problems.

How to Choose the Best Size and Shape of Breast Implants?

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