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Breast lift and Brazilian butt lift in Istanbul

FlyHealth offers a large variety of cosmetic procedures. Our goal is to provide our patients from all over the world with quality cosmetic treatments in the most prestigious and reliable healthcare institutions in Turkey. Tartanger decided to take a breast lift Istanbul, which is a procedure which lifts the breasts up creating more volume and it also assumed to be more aesthetically pleasing. She also opted for a BBL (Brazilian butt-lift), which is a procedure that lifts up the glutes to also improve the aesthetics of the patient. In this article we share Tartanger’s experience with FlyHealth, how she experienced the procedure and how satisfied she is with the result!

How did you find FlyHealth?

I found FlyHealth via the internet. I did a lot of internet research to see what organization was reliable and of quality, so that I could ultimately make the best decision for me. Once in contact, I at least asked a million questions before I booked my flight because I wanted to make sure that this was the one for me. So, my research was quite extensive, but I’d recommend anybody that is in the process of getting breast lift Istanbul to do research, research and more research. Because ultimately, the decision is in your hand and obviously you want to make the best decision for you, right? FlyHealth definitely was the best decision for me, because they arranged everything for me from A to Z.

How did you experience FlyHealth?

FlyHealth really did organize everything for me from the beginning to the end, and that’s a very pleasant experience for someone who’s about to undergo, or just went through, breast lift Istanbul and BBL. You don’t need a foggy brain, so it’s nice that an organization like this takes away the extra factors that come into play during this endeavour. From the hotel accommodation to transportation, you name it. They took care of it. I can’t stress enough how important it is that you have a good organizer to help you along the way. If I had to do everything myself, it would’ve been very difficult and a big problem. Now, with FlyHealth arranging everything for me I was able to completely focus on my cosmetic procedures, the preparation and the recovery!

How was the service?

My experiences here were awesome. Plain and simple. Even during COVID-19, I experienced no problem whatsoever because the process was so seamlessly organized. COVID-19 here is just like COVID-19 in Texas. Wear a mask, socially distance, wash your hands etc. I did all of this and was obliged by the rules that apply here and got through it without a problem!

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Would you recommend FlyHealth to your family and friends?

Would I recommend FlyHealth? Well, based on my experience with FlyHealth I would definitely say that for anybody who’s serious about undergoing cosmetic procedures, FlyHealth might be the player for you and I definitely recommend them to everyone. My experience was seamless. I found nothing but good information about FlyHealth online and even after tons and tons of research, I still couldn’t find anything negative about them. Honestly, I felt like Sherlock Holmes, but only found good stuff!

I asked them millions of questions regarding the procedure and they were all answered very thoroughly, This also immediately gave me the impression that they care, take time for you and actually want to help you. Some experts that you ask questions are very quick to answer and it can sometimes seem that they only do this for financial gain, but not FlyHealth! I would recommend this before I would recommend surgery at home. I’m doing good now. It’s all about the recovery of course, but I’ll get there. I’ve gotten tons of tips & tricks, and staying relaxed isn’t that hard in the situation we’re in!

What can FlyHealth do for you?

Interested in what FlyHealth can do for you? We offer a great range of cosmetic procedures that can help to enhance your aesthetics so that you can be comfortable in your own body again, for affordable prices! If you’re interested in getting to know what we offer, please see our treatments. You may also like to see results, so please also consult our before-and-after page to see some of our clients’ amazing results at FlyHealth. Get a free consultation to discover what the best option is for your goals. We’d like to welcome you soon!


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