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Breast Lift & Implant Experience in Turkey by FlyHealth

We recently had a patient, which was a little bit of a special patient. She came all the way from Australia to get a breast lift Turkey done in the country of her ancestors. Yes, she has Turkish roots but she had never set foot in Istanbul. Talking about a special guest with a special experience. She was searching for a breast lift and found FlyHealth during her internet search. It took her one year after the first contact with FlyHealth to make the decision, but of course it is not a decision which you make over night.


She tells us that the process went very smoothly and organised. Some concerns popped up at the beginning as it is a procedure which she had never done before plus it is still an operation, so the normal concerns came to the surface. However, those concerns faded away after getting all the information. Everyone explained her how it would go and was very nice and helpful. She was very impressed about how everything went so well and so organised. She didn’t expect that it would go this good.


We asked her if she had a discussion with the surgeon before the procedure. She confirmed us that she had a very elaborating discussion which made her doubts go away completely. The surgeon explained her what would happen step by step and what she could expect before, during and after the procedure. After this discussion she was very satisfied and had no concerns anymore.


She was warned that she might experience some pain and tenderness. This was indeed the case when the surgery was done. However, the pain and soreness faded away after just one day.

Overall Breast Lift & Implant Surgery Experience

She keeps talking about how satisfied she is about the work the FlyHealth team delivered but also about how everyone’s behaviour was to her. All staff and doctors were very nice, polite and helpful. She could ask any question and she would always get an answer. From the moment she arrived in Istanbul until the moment she left, everything went smooth and super organised. And a very big plus to the quality and expertise the doctors deliver.


The full sentence wasn’t off from our lips or she already confirmed with a lot of enthusiasm that she will definitely recommend FlyHealth to her friends and family and the breast implants Turkey. No doubt that she wouldn’t tell good things about the staff, the doctors, the good care, the perfect organisation and the absolutely satisfying result.

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