Breast implants before after and breast lift before after gallery I FlyHealth

Breast surgery before and after

Welcome to the breast implants before after gallery of FlyHealth. You can also find breast lift before and after images here. All images presented here are actual patients FlyHealth. These are real patients with real results. None of these results have been altered in any way to ensure you can see realistic transformations our treatments can offer.*

How to choose right implant size?

During in person consultation with the doctor in Istanbul, you will be given the options of breast implant sizes. Please also mention which size of implant makes you more satisfied. Your doctor will take your wishes into consideration and offer you the best possible option. In some of our clinics there is 3d simulation possibility. During 3d simulation you can see how your breast would look like with different implant sizes on the computer simulation. This is not available in every clinic. Therefore please ask us to arrange for you if this would be important for you to have.

How do I know if I need uplift?

Before committing to surgery you were asked to send pictures for assessment. During this assessment, your doctor will advise if you also need an breast uplift surgery. Breast implants and breast uplift surgeries can be done at the same surgery session.

Can I see feedbacks of previous patients?

Yes you definietly can. Please click here to read patient reviews.