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Dental implants with FlyHealth

Our patient had dental implants with FlyHealth. He was happy with the experience and had more that he expected. He has also added: " My experience was exciting and dawnting at the beginning as I didnt no what to expect…

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Full Mouth Reconstruction Review by B.H from UK – Testimonial

"Excellent service and treatment. Everything was fully explained. The whole experience was good which enabled me to get the treatment I needed. Fly Health made my trip to Istanbul a memorable one. They organised my transfers from the airport, organised my accommodation and provided an interpreter making sure I was able enjoy my time in Istanbul and got the service I needed. 
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Lateral Slit Hair Transplant: Maximal Density, Minimal Scarring

Over the past few years, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplantation has become one of the most pioneering hair restoration techniques. With the modern cosmetic surgery technology evolving in every aspect of our lives, better, quicker and more efficient hair transplant Turkey methods are always coming up to provide patients with natural results to live up to their expectation. One such technique is the Lateral Slit Technique, also referred to as Coronal or Perpendicular Grafting. This technique’s name was inspired by how the angle and direction of the incision are made.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants

Have you ever had the nightmare where one of your teeth fell out? This could become real as a result of trauma or an accident.  Luckily there’s a safe and secure dental treatment to restore missing teeth, oral health and your most important facial asset—your smile. Here we answer the frequently asked questions about dental implants.
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Dentists Turkey

Advanced technology in cosmetic dentistry has come to far to put a healthy smile on our face. Technological advancements in natural-looking dental materials make today’s dental treatments long lasting and more aesthetic than in past years.
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