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Facelift And Rhinoplasty Review By G.M From UK

Facelift and Rhinoplasty Review by G.M from UK – Testimonial

“Dr Tulunay is a gifted surgeon and by extending the stay I believed I had the best treatment possible. Dr Tulunay was able to offer following a skype discussion when i met Ozge in London. Ozge spas event able to send me an itinerary for the full treatment as agreed. I proposed to extend my stay by a further 5 days to enable me to do some sight seeing and also.recovery time. All internal travel arrangements were organised by the clinic.
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Rhinoplasty Review By Anonymous, From Turkey– Testimonial

Rhinoplasty Review by Anonymous, from Turkey– Testimonial

“I can honestly say that my problems are gone. I was born with a very big and long nose! Same as my sister and my mother They both came to terms with the appearance of their faces and didn’t seem to mind, but to me it has always been a problem… Ever since I was about 10, I have been dreaming about having my nose done by of those surgeons that operated celebrities, but by the time I finally decided to go for it, it turned out that I wouldn’t be able to afford it… I started to look for a better price and that’s how I found FlyHealth. I booked my operation and took a flight to Turkey even though at first I didn’t even know where exactly I was going ??
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Rhinoplasty Review By Nareen, From UK – Testimonial

Rhinoplasty Review by Nareen, from UK – Testimonial

“I was not comfortable with the size and look of my nose. In December I did a Rhinoplasty for my nose because I was not comfortable with the size and look of my nose me and my sister researched a few clinic to find the suitable place. Which we came across the amazing fly health the surgery was perfectly well performed the doctor had much confidence in what he did and i must agree i like the look of my nose and it only has been a month where you need 3-6 month to see results but I already starting to see it from now.
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Rhinoplasty, Hair Transplantation Review By Omaid, From Ontorino – Testimonial

Rhinoplasty, Hair Transplantation Review by Omaid, from Ontorino – Testimonial

“My experience with fly health was amazing. I had a hair transplant procedure done with fly health. I also had a rhinoplasty procedure done at the same clinic in the same week. With the experience of the medical staff at fly health and their attention and care it was a successful journey. My experience with fly health was amazing . The medical staff as well as management took really good care of me during the whole process . They will continue to check up on you during your entire visit making sure you are not in need of anything and always available to accommodate all your needs for a comfortable stay. I definitely recommend this clinic for anyone who is coming to Istanbul for this medical procedure. The doctor is very knowledgeable and everyone is very caring and friendly.”
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