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Nose comes just after eyes when it comes to being noticed. That’s why you have to pay attention to your nose if you are interested in a more attractive facial feature—and luckily, it can be enhanced by nose surgery. Nose surgery—also commonly known as nose job—is a cosmetic surgery Turkey procedure designed to improve the appearance of the nose and often to correct breathing difficulties.

Are you a good candidate for nose surgery?

If you don’t like the way your nose looks and are interested in amending one or more of its features, you are probably a good candidate for nose surgery. The nose may appear too large, or droopy—or has a prominent bump on top. Some patients seek nose surgery after an injury, or when they start experiencing breathing difficulties.

Nose surgery, also known as Rhinoplasty in Turkey can be performed in almost any age group, but most often the surgery is performed on patients between the age 18 and 60. It’s advisable to wait until the nose and face is fully developed and stopped growing before considering nose surgery.

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