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We think that it is important that there is as much transparency between the patient and the surgeon as possible. That’s why we highly recommend that, prior to your decision, you contact us and benefit from our free consultation services. Contact FlyHealth now!

This makes sure that you know what to expect and set realistic expectations from the cosmetic surgery and also allows the surgeon to get to know his or her patient prior to the treatment. As a result of this ‘bonding’ procedure, the procedure will be more comfortable and understood by every party involved.


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    WhatsApp is a chat application used internationally and is a fast way to contact FlyHealth. You can send us a WhatsApp via +90 507 771 7379 and +31 6 86078924 with your questions and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible to answer all of y our questions. If you’re anxious to call or just want some general information, be sure to contact us via WhatsApp!


    For immediate contact, please be sure to contact us via phone. We have two lines, one for international patients and one for Dutch speaking patients. For an optimal experience, please be sure to reach out to us on the appropriate number that are described below.


    We offer our contact services in Dutch and English. If you’re coming from a Dutch speaking country, make sure to contact us on this number: +31 6 86078924


    For international people we offer our contact services in English. If you want consultation in English, be sure to contact us on this number: +44 20 8133 4834

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    For e-mail contact, we offer a contact-us form which can be found on this page. Make sure to fill out your name, e-mail address on which we can reach out to you and your message. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

    Free consultation services

    At FlyHealth, we understand that the decision-making process can be complex if done individually. That’s why we offer free consultation services for anyone who might be interested in undergoing cosmetic surgery. Our consultation services make sure that you choose the right treatment for the right purpose. Lay direct content with medical professionals from the field to get personalized consultation services for an appropriate treatment, for free! Click here to find out more about our free consultation services.

    Testimonials and reviews

    We understand that you might want to read more about the experiences that previous patients at FlyHealth have had during cosmetic surgery and how they perceive our services. Please refer to our testimonials to read more about patient reviews. If you’re interested in seeing actual results, please check out our before-and-after gallery containing photos of all treatments that we offer at FlyHealth!