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The waist area is one of the most stubborn areas when we talk about weight loss. After the age of 25 the amount of collagen in the body decreases significantly. If before you lost the weight and there was no deformation in your skin then not it does not work like that.

After losing weight, the skin on your body may sag. Especially the saggy area may be in the belly. The excess skin around the belly gives more volume. Do not look for cosmetic solutions for this, because you will not find a permanent and definitive solution. Creams will not help unfortunately.

Body serums and conditioning oils will not help either. Especially if you had a weight loss surgery like gastric sleeve or bypass and have a lot of sagging skin the best solution is 360 body lift Turkey. But you need to know that 360 body lift surgery is not a weight-loss treatment.

When tummy tuck surgery improves only the front lower stomach area, 360 body lift improves lower back area, too.

This surgery takes out the fat and sagging skin all around your belly. Your sides, lower back (waist) and upper part of buttocks will also be lifted. 360 body lift surgery includes liposuction, which removes the stubborn fat. As a result you will have your waist improved from all sides. 360 body lift also includes abdomen muscle repair which also reduces the volume of your waist.

Cost of 360 Body Lift in Turkey

The most important thing which you need to know is that any young doctor can perform this surgery. It is impossible. You need to choose both a good doctor and a good clinic. Your hospital stay will be about 2-3 nights, and that affects the total package price.

The hotel also must be comfortable and not far from the hospital where your surgery will be. It is at least GBP 1200-1500 higher than the tummy tuck package price. But surgery prices may vary according to the hospital and doctor. Therefore, there is no exact price. When you decide the operation, you should talk to your doctor about the price.

Before The 360 Body Lift

Before surgery, doctors examine the patient. Surgery plans with the patient. Doctors evaluate required health documents. The difference between this surgery from other stretching surgeries is that the incision is extended 360 degrees to the back. Excess skin and fat in the body are removed. The waist is thinned and the muscles are tightened. Suspension sutures are placed on the body so that sagging does not occur again.

The surgery is an operation performed with general anesthesia. For 360 body lift surgery, the weight should be stable in the last 6 months and weight loss should have stopped. This applies to non-smokers. The person should not have wound and healing problems. Reasonable results should be expected after surgery. In the operation, the scars are positioned to remain under the underwear. These scars may remain red for about a year. But at the end of a year, the scars become faint and lose their clarity.

Good Candidates for 360 Body Lift

People who lost a lot of weight and have sagging skin on the stomach, sides and buttocks are very good candidates. Sometimes even if you did not lose a lot of weight but you have sagging skin and fat in these areas you can also benefit from that surgery.

Your blood test result must be good. This surgery includes the removal of a lot of tissue. With that tissue you will also lose some amount of blood. A weakness and feeling dizzy just after surgery is very normal. However if your iron, hemoglobin, ferritin, D3 vitamin level is very low you should not have this surgery until your result will reach the acceptable level.

Smoking is also harmful as it destroys the skin quality. Skin’s color becomes not good and it loses its elasticity.

As before all the surgeries which will be under general anesthesia you need to stop using birth control pills 3-4 weeks before and not use any supplements or a food which has a blood thinner effect.

Frequently Asked Questions about 360 Body Lift

You can have 360 body lift surgery at least 1 year after surgery. Your weight loss must already stop before surgery. That it how you will achieve the best effect from the surgery.

360 body lift surgery is a complicate and a quite long surgery. It not healthy to stay a long time under general anesthesia. That is why doctors do not combine any other surgery with 360 body lift. Focus on your health in prior! Even if it is much cheaper to have multiple surgeries during same visit it may be very harmful for your health.


Recovery After 360 Body Lift

The recovery process is a bit same as after tummy tuck but may be a bit longer as the surgery is more extensive. You need to follow very strictly all the doctor’s recommendations after surgery. Almost %90 of the surgery success depends on it. As you will not be able to do sport as usual after surgery during 2 months you will need to keep your diet very healthy and with low amount of sugar. You can start working 3 weeks after surgery but only if it is an office work. Do avoid hard physical activities at least during 2 months! It would be better to have a rest during 4-6 weeks.

However this period may change depending on the condition of your organism. Because every person’s body structure is different. Each person’s recovery time is different. Hormones and other factors in the body make everyone’s skin different. That’s why there is no definite recovery time.

But usually, there is a one-week recovery period. You do not to move too much during this process. You can continue your daily life within three weeks to one month.

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