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What is an arm lift?

An excess of skin and fat can become particularly irritating when one has to deal with it on a daily basis for a longer period of time. Though, skin and fat on the upper arm can become surprisingly weak and loose which results in wrinkles, it is treatable. extreme weight loss, pregnancy, surgery or even regular ageing that we all go through, can be a significant contributor to the occurrence of loose skin and excess fat around the upper arm area. It can cause irritation in the inner arm and the outer back due to constant contact of the skin. As it is in constant contact it can start to irritate and cause itching or even free the way for bacteria to enter the body.

Where one experiences significant irritation or a lack of aesthetical appeal, it can be treated with cosmetic surgery. The medical term for this type of surgical procedure is dermolipectomy of the arms. FlyHealth offers its patients an arm lift cosmetic surgery in Turkey, to help them get rid of excess fat and loose skin around the upper arm area. This type of cosmetic surgery is usually done for aesthetic purposes to enhance one’s physical appearance.

On this page, we’ll discuss the consultation, working procedure of the arm lift, post-surgical recover period, costs and results of patients who have underwent cosmetic surgery at FlyHealth.


Everything what is relevant for the procedure will be discussed during consultation. You can request free consultation on our website! The consultation is done via pictures that you submit. We recommend you to send us unedited pictures so that our medical professionals can assess what the best method is for you.

Working procedure of the arm lift

Corrective surgery of minor laxity in the arm is done by tightening the skin and reattaching it to the armpit. In most scenarios, the skin will be stretched in two directions, which will result in the formation of an S-shaped scar from the elbow to the armpit which is sizeable. The scar is usually placed on the inside of the arm to lessen the visibility of it, for aesthetical purposes. If there is an excess of fat, this will be removed in the same corrective procedure if required for the preferred result. Your skin will be sutured using stitches and sealed with adhesive plasters. Due to improved techniques, drains for excess blood will often not be necessary.


Costs of an Arm Lift in Turkey

Prices of an arm lift in Turkey will depend on the method and extend of surgery—but the overall cost of treatment is relatively lower than in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. In keeping with our long-term commitment to fully informing patients of the exact cost of plastic surgery treatments in Turkey, we craft a detailed treatment package for patients that contain a cost breakdown of the surgery, transfer charges, patient hosting, translation service and hotel accommodation. All of our medical treatment packages are inclusive of the treatment cost and the services we provide.

FlyHealth also offer additional services to make your stay as pleasurable as possible. You can read more information regarding our additional services here.

Post-surgical recovery

After the surgery, you can wear a tight, elastic bandage around the upper arms for recovery purposes. It is best to wear it for a month, day and night. Then for a further two weeks during the day to ensure a good result. You also ought to try to not move your arm too much during the first 2 weeks after your surgery to avoid unnecessary tear. Try not to perform any kind of sports or carry out physically demanding activities. The wounds may have healed after approximately 2 weeks if the recovery is swift. After you feel confident, you may begin to carry out light activities carefully.

You can begin heavier work and sports after 4 to 6 weeks. Once you’re fully healed, you can return to your normal daily routine where you are at liberty to carry out all daily tasks and perform sports to your liking. Now without risking damage as a result of premature wear on the stitches. Consult us for advice.


FlyHealth has good results with this surgery. Find before & after photos to see how our patients look like post-surgery. An arm lift will leave some visible scars on the inside of the upper arm and in the armpit. Obviously, our experienced professionals will try their best to hide these scars as much as possible. The way the scar looks depends from person to person.

At FlyHealth, we offer our patients free consultation to ensure that you’re being treated according to your expectations. In addition to this, it is also educate yourself regarding the procedures, methods, post-surgical rehabilitation and more. You can request free consultation from our medical professionals on our website.

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