Back Lift Turkey - Bra-line back lift Surgery

For women to be beautiful is very important. When we talk about beauty the topic of the fit body comes first. Female body faces a lot of transformations during lifetime because of pregnancy or aging. The fat amount and the skin quality changes. Our lifestyle became very motionless. That is why many people have excess wait. Many different plastic surgeries were developed by doctor and became a decision for many aesthetic excess fat and loose skin problems. But the problem of the bra line fat rolls was chosen not many years ago. The fat and sagging skin on the bra line area is not only aesthetic problem. It is very hard to use bra in that situation. In addition, the fat on the torso surrounds inner organs. This is vey harmful for organs work. That is why it is very important to stay fit and have a healthy weight. The solution for bra line excess fat and sagging skin is bra line back lift. Earlier doctors only could do liposuction on the upper and middle back area, however it was not so effective as the sagging skin remained. Now you can have your youthful back again with the help of this wonderful procedure.

Good Candidates for Bra Line Back Lift

From the name of the surgery we can understand that it is the surgery for women only. If you have fat rolls and sagging skin on your middle and upper back you are very good candidate for this surgery. Patients who lost a lot of weight can also benefit from bra line back lift. The age and body shape type is not important as almost all women tend to have the problem of fatty rolls when they gain weight.

Cost of the surgery

The cost of bra line back lift may change according to many factors. The most important thing you need to know that the success of this surgery directly proportional to the doctor’s skills and experience. Choose the doctor with good authority and big experience. Do not try to save your money by choosing the cheaper hospital or doctor. The price can change according to the doctor’s qualification. Also good doctors choose very good hospitals, where your aftercare will be on the high level. If your package includes the hotel and transfers the package price can also change according to these factors.

Important Notes:

  • You have to remember that liposuction has the limit of fat which can be extracted during the surgery. This limit is around 6-8 kilogramms. That is why in case if you have a lot excess fat it is better to lose weight before surgery. It will aslo help you to develop healthy diet and habit and you will become used to regular physical activities.
  • You need to stop smoking at least one month before surgery as smoking prevents the skin nourishing. The blood flow will not be good. That may lead to many problems during your recovery from bra line back lift surgery.
  • As before every surgery you need to stop using birth control pills 3 weeks before surgery.

Recovery from the surgery

Recovery process can change depending on patient’s health condition and age. Usually it takes from eight to ten days. During that period you need to avoid physical activities and have enough rest. Also you must not wear any kind of bras. About two weeks after surgery you will be able to wear a loose bra made up from the material which does not prevent the skin breathing. Choose natural materials. Directly after surgery you will not be allowed to have a shower during one day. As this surgery includes liposuction you will have some swelling and bruising on that area, which will go day by day. To prevent infections you will use antibiotics during 5-7 days after surgery, which you need to use properly. Also be very serious with hygiene.

When can the final result be achieved?

The final result can be seen from 6 to 12 months after surgery. This depends on yours health condition, age and how you follow up doctor’s recommendations.

Can the back lift surgery be done at the same time with other plastic surgeries?

Depending on the patient’s health condition bra line back lift can be combined with other surgeries.

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