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Hip shape and proportion are now significant components in achieving a beautiful and flawless body. We sculpt your hips with your own fat using the BBL procedure.

Special fat transfer procedures are used in Brazilian butt lift surgery to generate a fuller, rounder hip contour. More contoured hips can be obtained by removing fat from the person’s own body.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Tiny belly and round buttocks are the dream of every woman. All the clothes are suiting better on that body shape. Plastic surgery improvements are really amazing. Now you can achieve your dream body despite genes or a wrong diet in the past. Even not every body builders have such a good round and lifted shape butts. Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey is creating miracles!!! Both excess fat and flat buttocks problems can be solved now!

In the past surgeons used only implants to increase the size of buttocks but now they can use the patient`s own fat. Your own fat will not act like a foreign body. Moreover, it will look much more natural comparing to implants. Standard Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey includes liposuction for stomach and sides. Some patients may not have enough fat on their stomach area.

In that case BBL Turkey can include liposuction to other areas like waist, back, inner and outer thighs. If the patient has a lot of fat and sagging skin on the abdomen he/she can have tummy tuck at the same time with BBL Turkey.

Good Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey

People with enough excess fat on their belly area and with a flat buttocks are very good candidates for BBL. Their body will gain an hourglass shape, tiny belly and more defined rounded buttocks. BBL is an ideal cosmetic surgery for women with apple body shape. If your buttocks are naturally big but they are sagging or lost the volume BBL also will be very helpful. Your buttocks will look fuller after surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey

The cost of Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey can be very different. Every package that FlyHealth offers includes hotel accommodation, all transfers, hospital stay, host service, anesthesia, medications used during hospital stay, garments and post-surgical check up. The amount of liposuction areas, the qualification of the plastic surgeon and the hospital cost may affect the price of the BBL Turkey package. Also the hotel choice can affect the price. The hotels we suggests to our patients are the hotels which are very close to the hospital. Patient can choose any other hotel we work with or book a hotel by himself.

Brazilian Butt Lift Effects

Your lower body looks fuller. You can get rid of the fat in your abdominal area. Your clothes look more attractive on you. Your lower and upper body will take a more proportional shape.

There is a lot of different information about the butt area in people. Studies have shown that women with large ass are more intelligent than other women. This research was conducted by the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California in 2008. Research has shown that women with big asses are smarter, and even have smarter children. Researchers have shown that although intelligence is a genetic trait, it can also vary according to such factors. The reason why they have smarter children is that omega 3 fats accumulated in the butt, hips, and thighs also contribute to the brain development of babies. The child born in this way is born as an individual with a more developed intelligence.

The fat collected on the butt and thighs prevents diabetes and obesity. Researchers say that it is healthier for fat to accumulate in the lower parts of the body rather than in the upper parts of the body. People who store belly fat are thought to be more prone to obesity and diabetes.

Frequently Asked Questions about BBL

When can I start sitting after BBL surgery?

One week after surgery you can start sitting back. However you should better start sitting that way 8 weeks after surgery. BBL pillows will be very helpful for office workers as they need spend a lot time sitting.

Can the fat from other areas except abdomen be injected in the buttocks?

Yes, an additional liposuction for other body areas can be added to BBL procedure. That can be even necessary if the patient does not have enough fat on abdomen area.

Will there be any visible scars after surgery?

The scars after liposuction and fat transfer are very small and not deep. You can use some scar removing creams after surgery. It will make the scars less visible.

Recovery from Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey

You need to know that finally not all the injected fat will remain in the butt. To make it remain as more as possible you need to follow few recommendations. Try to not sit directly on your back during the first 8 weeks. If you are an office worker you can start working 2-3 weeks after surgery. However, as you will need to sit because of your work, use the BBL pillows. That will also help to save the round shape of the butt. You can also have some bruises after liposuction, which is absolutely normal. Some creams can be helpful for bruises.

In addition, Brazilian butt lift surgeries take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. The patient is in the prone position for the first two days after surgery. They can stage sit-ins over the next few days. The patients can now resume their previously active lifestyle after the next ten days. It becomes capable of carrying a hefty burden at the end of a month.

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