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Brazilian Butt Lift

BBL is short for a Brazilian butt lift, it is often used in this way. Hip shape and proportion are now significant components in achieving a beautiful and flawless body. We sculpt your hips with your own fat using the BBL Turkey procedure. Special fat transfer procedures are used in BBL surgery to generate a fuller, rounder hip contour. More contoured hips can be obtained by removing fat from the person’s own body. Learn more about BBL price Turkey by contacting us.

Brazilian butt lift surgery is the process of removing excess fat from the belly, waist, and leg areas and placing and shaping these fats in the butt to obtain a more upturned and rounded butt look.

During butt lift surgery, applications such as butt lift, shaping, enlargement, and reduction, regulation of hip lines, cupping and shaping in the waist cavity, removal of excess hips are performed together. Feel free to reach out to us and know more about BBC price Turkey procedure.

BBL Surgery

A tiny belly and round buttocks are the dreams of every woman. There is no mystery why women are comparing BBL price Turkey to get an idea of where they might get the procedure from. All the clothes are suiting better on that body shape. Plastic surgery improvements are really amazing. Now you can achieve your dream body despite genes or a wrong diet in the past. Even not every bodybuilder has such good round and lifted shape butts. Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey (BBL Turkey) is creating miracles! Both excess fat and flat buttocks problems can be solved now!

In the past surgeons used only implants to increase the size of the buttocks but now they can use the patient`s own fat. Your own fat will not act as a foreign body. Moreover, it will look much more natural compared to implants. Standard Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey includes liposuction for the stomach and sides. Some patients may not have enough fat in their stomach area. If you are wondering about BBL price turkey, get in touch with us.

Tummy Tuck with BBL

In that case, BBL Surgery Turkey can include liposuction to other areas like the waist, back, inner and outer thighs. If the patient has a lot of fat and sagging skin on the abdomen he/she can have a tummy tuck at the same time with a Brazilian butt lift. Check out BBL price Turkey for that by contacting us.

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BBL and tummy tuck are the most popular types of operations used to make the body aesthetically pleasing. As FlyHealth, we have accomplished many successful transactions in this regard so far, offering affordable BBL price Turkey packages to clients from all over the world. After you check out our BBL price Turkey, we recommend that you review the before and after gallery on the subject.

BBL Before and After Gallery
Tummy Tuck Before and After Gallery

Tummy tuck removes excess fat from your abdomen and tightens your muscles. Therefore, a tummy tuck can be performed before or after BBL. Thus, it may be possible to achieve the body of your dreams with both BBL and tummy tuck procedures. You can contact us and learn about our BBC price Turkey surgery.

Your safety and happiness are Flyhealth’s priority. That’s why we work with experienced doctors in the most equipped hospitals in Turkey. Get in touch to discuss BBL price Turkey at FlyHealth.

Good Candidates for BBL Turkey

Are you wondering about BBL price Turkey at FlyHealth? Before you do that, let’s talk about who’s a good fit for BBL. People with enough excess fat on their belly area and with flat buttocks are very good candidates for BBL. Their body will gain an hourglass shape, tiny belly and more defined rounded buttocks. BBL is an ideal cosmetic surgery for women with an apple body shape. If your buttocks are naturally big but they are sagging or lost volume BBL also will be very helpful. Your buttocks will look fuller after surgery. If you are looking for BBL surgery and wondering about BBL price Turkey, contact FlyHealth today.

How Is Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Performed?

Brazilian butt lift surgery can be performed using the person’s own fat tissues, or it can be performed using silicone buttock prostheses. The method in which the person’s own adipose tissue is used has been preferred more frequently recently. Contact us to learn about BBL Turkey price at FlyHealth.

When you pay BBL Turkey price, the first stage of butt lift surgery, which is performed using the person’s own fat tissue, is the fat removal stage with the liposuction method. At this stage, excess fat tissues from the belly and waist area are removed by laser liposuction technique. Then these fat tissues are injected into the buttock. In this way, a more upright and shaped hip appearance is obtained, while unwanted fat in the body is eliminated. Let’s discuss your needs and provide you with a tailored BBL Turkey price at FlyHealth.

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The fat removal method called “liposuction” is commonly used for butt reduction and butt lift applications. Butt lifting procedure, excess fat tissue from the hip is removed. The skin is then sutured to stand taut and upright. In cases where liposuction cannot be performed, the hip tissue is reduced and the tissue seems to have collapsed in, the hip can be erected only with the skin suspension method without reducing the tissue. Thus, it is ensured that the person has the desired appearance. Contact us to know BBL Turkey price at FlyHealth today.

What is BBL Turkey Price?

Brazilian Buttock Lift cost Istanbul – Turkey can be very different. Every BBL Turkey price package that FlyHealth offers includes hotel accommodation, all transfers, hospital stay, host service, anaesthesia, medications used during a hospital stay, garments and post-surgical check-ups. The number of liposuction areas, the qualification of the plastic surgeon and the hospital cost may affect the price of the Brazilian Butt Lift – BBL Turkey package. Also, the hotel choice can affect the BBL Turkey price.

BBL is one of the most popular operations. This procedure will shape your butt and hips to give them a fuller look. The Turkey BBL cost depends on various factors. For example, Turkey BBL cost can increase if other procedures are combined. Also, the Turkey BBL cost depends on the clinic and surgeon. Our patients can experience different Turkey BBL costs depending on the hotel selection. The cost of staying at a 5-star hotel will be higher than the cost of staying at a 4-star hotel for example. However, you can be sure that all of our hotels will provide you with the highest level of comfort.

Anyone who wants to shape their hips can consult a clinic in Turkey for this procedure. Turkey offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery options including the BBL. Brazilian butt lift surgery in Turkey is operated by expert surgeons. The surgeon will conduct a comprehensive examination to evaluate the patient. This examination will provide more detailed information about the procedure. After this examination, the Turkey BBL cost can be determined.

BBL Package Istanbul

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Host service
  • All transfers
  • Hospital
  • Check-Ups

Brazilian Butt Lift Effects

Your lower body looks fuller. You can get rid of the fat in your abdominal area. Your clothes look more attractive on you. Your lower and upper body will take a more proportional shape.

There is a lot of different information about the butt area in people. Studies have shown that women with large ass are more intelligent than other women. This research was conducted by the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California in 2008. Research has shown that women with big asses are smarter, and even have smarter children.

Researchers have shown that although intelligence is a genetic trait, it can also vary according to such factors. The reason why they have smarter children is that omega 3 fats accumulated in the butt, hips, and thighs also contribute to the brain development of babies. The child born in this way is born as an individual with a more developed intelligence.

The fat collected on the butt and thighs prevents diabetes and obesity. Researchers say that it is healthier for fat to accumulate in the lower parts of the body rather than in the upper parts of the body. People who store belly fat are thought to be more prone to obesity and diabetes. Contact us to learn more about Turkey BBL cost.

Who Can Have Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Brazilian butt lift surgery – butt implants can generally be applied to both men and women. It can be suitable for anyone who wants to have a fuller, more upright, and shaped butt.

People who gain and lose weight quickly can also apply Brazilian buttock aesthetics against sagging. This surgery can also be performed for those who want to change the appearance of cellulite and pits on the butt. Buttock implants can be performed by adults whose health status is suitable for the operation, and who do not think of pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions about BBL Turkey

One week after surgery you can start sitting back. However, you should better start sitting that way 8 weeks after surgery. BBL pillows will be very helpful for office workers as they need to spend a lot time sitting.

Yes, an additional liposuction for other body areas can be added to Brazilian butt lift procedures. That can be even necessary if the patient does not have enough fat on abdomen area.

The scars after liposuction and fat transfer are very small and not deep. You can use some scar removing creams after surgery. It will make the scars less visible.

This operation takes 2-4 hours.

Things To Consider in Brazilian Butt Lift

All women want to have a rounder and fuller hip. Brazilian butt lift can give you that curvy look you have always wanted. But there are certain things you need to consider when you have your Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey procedure.

First and most importantly, you might need to gain weight before the procedure. The fat that will be injected into your butt is collected from your own body. This means you need to have a sufficient amount of fat accumulation for this procedure. Your surgeon will guide you through the process to reach the optimal fat ratio. You might even need to work with a dietitian for a healthier fat accumulation for the butt lift procedure.

Second, you need to avoid intramuscular fat injections. Although intramuscular fat injections will give you a rounder butt look, this procedure is more dangerous. The fat must be injected carefully to a suitable place to have the optimum look and to consider the safety of the patient.

Ultrasound-Guided Fat Injection

There is new technological advancement in the cosmetic surgery field. For Brazilian Butt Lift, ultrasound-guided fat injection is the new trend. The surgeon will inject the accumulated fat into your butt and hips by using an ultrasound to find the optimal injection area. The ultrasound increases the safety of the procedure by helping the surgeon throughout the process. Since the fat that will be injected into your butt is your own fat, the allergy and adverse effect risks are minimized. You can have your skinny BBL procedure to eliminate the extra fat around your belly and get a fuller butt look.

Is Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey A Permanent Procedure?

The fat around your belly will be collected with liposuction. Then, this fat will be injected into your hips and butt to give them a rounder look. Although some of the injected fat cells will disappear in a few weeks, the remaining injected fat cells will be permanent.

Skinny BBL

Skinny BBL is technically same as the known BBL surgery. However, the patient body structure is completely different in Skinny BBL. It is a more suitable method for people with a lower body mass index, especially those who cannot get rid of stubborn fat in the bagel and abdomen. Excess fat in the person is first removed by liposuction and these fats are injected into the buttocks. The aim here is to shape the buttock and give it a more rounded appearance, rather than giving it too much volume.

Recovery from Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey

You need to know that finally, not all the injected fat will remain in the butt. To make it remain as more as possible you need to follow a few recommendations. Try to not sit directly on your back during the first 8 weeks. If you are an office worker you can start working 2-3 weeks after surgery. However, as you will need to sit because of your work, use the BBL pillows. That will also help to save the round shape of the butt. You can also have some bruises after liposuction, which is absolutely normal. Some creams can be helpful for bruises.

In addition, Brazilian butt lift surgeries take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. The patient is in the prone position for the first two days after surgery. They can stage sit-ins over the next few days. The patients can now resume their previously active lifestyle after the next ten days. It becomes capable of carrying a hefty burden at the end of a month.


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