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Not everybody is born with naturally full breasts. Sometimes breastfeeding can cause breast to become saggy; sometimes woman’s breast might be of different size. Breast implants are an effective body contouring procedure that can address these problems. Breast implants is a plastic surgery  treatment aimed to enhance the size and shape of the breasts and improve body proportions.

Breast augmentation can be performed on women who are naturally small-breasted, as well as those whose breasts have changed due to weight loss or childbirth. The goal of breast enlargement is to create a more feminine, proportionated breast. Breast implant surgeons are accomplished medical practitioners offering many years of experience delivering exceptional breast augmentation results for patients. There are many types of aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgeries available in Istanbul.

Breast enlargement procedures involve the use of implants. They are surgically placed in breast to increase their size or to improve symmetry of the breasts. FlyHealth breast surgeons in Istanbul use implants which are known worldwide. This procedure is quite easy and simple; it can give you the breasts you’ve always wanted and help you regain self-­confidence.

Breast Implants in Turkey

Frequently asked questions about breast implants surgery

Do breast enlargement pumps work?

Definitely not! A lot of women have this question at their minds but many of them actually try them but only to fail. Breast implant and fat transfer are the only two ways that can help breast size increase. It is very important to consult a doctor before using such so-called alternative, non-surgical methods.

I am looking for an affordable breast enlargement procedure. Is breast enlargement in Turkey affordable?

Yes, for inexpensive breast enlargement, Turkey is the best choice. However, you should be careful while choosing a plastic surgeon in Turkey. It is essential to ask a doctor about his experience, before-and-after pictures, certifications and what type of implants he uses. FlyHealth doctors are among the leading plastic surgeons in Turkey.

May I see breast enlargement before and after pictures?

Yes, all you need to do is send an email to FlyHealth. We will then send you breast enlargement before and after pictures.

What kind of implants are used in breast augmentation in Turkey?

FlyHealth breast surgeons in Istanbul use implants which are known worldwide. Therefore breast implants surgery with FlyHealth is no different than a surgery in the UK or the USA in terms of quality.

Cost of breast implants in Turkey

There are many variables that affect the overall cost of breast implants treatment which may include anesthetic type, hospital or surgical facility costs, medical tests, prescriptions for medications and surgeon’s fee—and surgical facility charges. The cost of breast implants in Turkey is relatively affordable to most overseas patients. The lower cost of living, high exchange rate, inexpensive overhead charges make the price of breast implants in Turkey an affordable choice. Turkey’s central geographic location allow it to be easily accessible to patients from Europe and Middle East, hence many patients can save on flight tickets. FlyHealth offers all-inclusive treatment package that cover everything from the airport transfers to hotel accommodation, so you won’t have to get caught up in calculating the cost for your treatment, accommodation and transfers.

Breast implants procedure

Breast implants are inserted through a small incisions that are usually made along the natural crease underneath your breast. The procedure takes approximately one hour to perform. Your assigned plastic surgeon will make the incisions and place the implants either under the breast tissue or behind the muscle, which is patient’s choice.

Breast silicon implant vs. breast saline implant

If you are planning on undergoing breast implants surgery, the first question you might have is how to choose between saline-filled and silicone gel-filled implants. It’s quiet common for women to think twice before choosing a particular type of implant, and there are many factors worth taking into account before deciding for yourself. It should be duly noted that Saline and silicone breast implants have an outer silicone shell; however, the implants vary in material and consistency. To help you make an educated decision about choosing the best type of breast implants in Turkey, during your on-to-one consultation, our plastic surgery will weigh the pros and cons of each implant type and lay out the benefits— so you will be confident and comfortable with the decision you make.

Recovering from breast implant surgery

Breast implants aftercare

Right after breast implants surgery, you will most likely experience some pain, swelling and bruising. Your chest may feel tight and you may have breathing difficulty—only temporarily—these symptoms will start to get better over the nest few weeks. Breast implant surgery requires an overnight stay at the hospital. Your assigned surgeon will advise you to rest at the hospital in a semi-upright position. This will help minimize swelling. The doctor will also prescribe painkillers if needed.

The following day after your breast implant surgery, you will be discharged from the hospital and our patient host will accompany you to your hotel in a private car. Upon returning home, you will need rest to give your body time to recover. Avoid excessive use of your arms and chest areas or carrying heavy objects—as it may cause bleeding or irritation. You should avoid any kind of strenuous activity or heavy lifting for at least a month. Some of our plastic surgeons recommend wearing a sports bra 24 hours a day up to three months after breast enlargement surgery in Turkey.

Results of breast implants

Breast enlargement Turkey results are immediately visible. Overtime, swelling will go and incision lines will subside. To ensure you achieve optimal breast augmentation results and a smooth recovery, it’s essential that you follow all plastic surgeon’s aftercare instructions.

Important Notes

  • Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.
  • Returning to work is possible within one to five days.
  • Exercising is possible after two weeks.
  • Results are expected to last at least ten to twenty years.

Pre op, post op instructions


  • Don’t take products containing aspirin, ibuprofen and vitamin E, if pain reliever is needed, choose tylenol, in case of any other medications, ask your doctor
  • Don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol


  • Make sure that all your blood tests are done


  • Don’t eat or drink anything after midnight, even water is not allowed, if any medication is needes, take it with small spis of water only


  • You can take a shower and wash your hair in the morning, but don’t wear any makeup, hair spray or gel, don’t use nail polish, however you may leave acrylic nails on
  • Don’t wear clothes that must be pulled over the head, choose loose fitting clothing instead


  • Have a responsible adult stay with you after your surgery and overnight until the morning following the procedure
  • Limit your activity sharply over the first week after surgery to walking around the house only, move/bend your legs when lying down
  • You may take a shower three days after the surgery
  • Any aerobic activities are to be avoided for 3 weeks
  • Drink plenty of water/fluids (up to 10 glasses per day)
  • Breathe deeply for the first 24 hours after surgery, as this helps to expand the base of lungs
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco for at least a week
  • In case of vomiting or nausea, delay food and medications until it passes
  • Keep your initial dressings dry, start wearing a tight, supportive bra 3 weeks after surgery
  • Keep incisions clean
  • Wear your elastic (ace) wrap at all times for the first 5 days, then at night for an additional 7 days
  • If you have any concerns, call us immediately.

Breast Implants in İstanbul – Turkey?

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