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As time goes by, it seems that your forehead and brow area sag a little bit more. Now you see lines on your forehead and between your eyes—and this seems like the norm now. You may hear comments about your tired, worried or angry look. If you relate to, you should consider brow lift surgery in Turkey. A brow lift or a forehead lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to raise the position of sagging brow and upper eyelid—as well as to improve the vertical glabellar lines, known as “frown lines.” A brow lift in Turkey is generally performed with an endoscopic treatment technique, which involves several small incisions just behind the hairline a camera on a lighted tube with small instruments.

]Besides endoscopic technique, plastic surgeons may use other less invasive methods to accommodate each person’s unique circumstances. The muscles responsible for creating the frown lines are reduced and the forehead and brow are elevated without taking out any skin or hair bearing scalp. One of the benefits of this technique is its minimal incisions and faster recovery. A brow lift can be carried out alone, or in conjunction with other facial procedure—such as eyelid surgery Turkey, facelift.

Cost of brow lift in Turkey

The cost of brow lift depends on many factors, including the doctor’s fees, anesthetic cost, and overhead charges.

Turkey is one of the most inexpensive plastic surgery destinations due to several variables, such as the lower cost of living, cheap overhead cost and geographic location. Patients traveling to Turkey for brow lift—or a facelift in Istanbul—will be able to save up to 70 percent on the total cost of treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eyebrow Lift

I heard about eyebrow lift without surgery. Is that possible?

It is true that Botulinum toxin is a nonsurgical treatment that may help lifting the forehead. However Botulinum toxin can only achieve temporary results. The result achieved with Botulinum toxin usually last only up to four months. If you are looking for more permanent results, the only option you have is eyebrow lift.

How long does brow lift recovery take?

Brow lift recovery usually do not take more than two weeks. It can be sooner as long as you stick to your post-operative instructions given by your surgeon. Most patients feel very well a few days after brow lift in Turkey. But it is important to slow physical activity during the first week.

Is eyebrow lift cost lower than the UK costs?

Yes, it is much lower than the UK eyebrow lift costs. Thanks to lower eyebrow lift cost in Turkey, patients from other countries such as the UK, Netherlands, USA and France can save a lot of money. To learn about the exact brow lift cost, you should contact FlyHealth now. When you contact FlyHealth, you will also get a chance to get your condition assessed by a medical expert for free.

Good candidates for brow lift surgery

FlyHealth cosmetic experts in Turkey recommend brow lift to patients who exhibit advanced signs of aging in the brow area—and who require little to no correction in the lower area of the face. Some brow lift techniques require the application of general anesthetic, so you should be in good health. Because we believe there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment—and each patient deserves a personalized treatment plan—we invite you to contact us and get a free consultation with our plastic surgeons.

Ideal candidates should be :

  • Patients without significant medical conditions who have realistic expectations
  • Patients who have drooping, heavy brows and upper eyelids
  • Patients with visible central forehead “frown lines” and horizontal wrinkles

Brow lift procedure

The goal of a brow lift is to tighten excess loose skin, smooth forehead wrinkling—and to correct drooping brows. If needed, the surgeon removes part of the muscle that causes vertical frown lines between the brows. The result can be a smoother brow and a more youthful facial expression.

By assessing where volume has been lost and gravity has caused pulling or sagging, plastic surgeon can correct the aging face by adding volume and gently pulling specific areas. To help minimize scarring, your surgeon will make incisions along the hairline, forehead or brow. A brow lift surgery is particularly efficacious for correcting more advanced signs of facial aging—such as furrows and deep creases—which can’t be treated with less invasive treatments.

Endoscopic brow lift is a minimally invasive procedure—and is performed in the operating room. It involves small incisions hidden within the hair. Fiberoptic equipment is administered to release and elevate the brow tissue. Bruising is quite minimal in most patients and healing time is quick.

One of the innovations of brow lift treatment available at FlyHealth plastic surgery clinics in Turkey is the innovative temporary lift technique—in which the surgeon can perform under local anesthetic in the office. In essence, innovative temporary lift technique is a scaled back version of the less invasive endoscopic brow lift. Most patients report excellent results and enjoy the benefits of a brow lift without the need for an invasive procedure.

This hybrid technique of both procedures is non-endoscopic with minimal incisions. Limited incision technique uses a small portion of the ends of the coronal method incision to elevate a small portion of the ends of the external part of the eyebrows under direct vision—without an endoscope.

The resulting scars are concealed in the temporary hairline, even in balding men who have thin hair. While limited incision technique used in brow lift does not resolve problems existing in the center area of the brow, it can reduce wrinkles at the corners of the eyes, commonly known as ‘crow’s feet.

Recovery from brow lift surgery

As with any surgery, the extent of your brow lift surgery determines your recovery time—which may range from a few weeks to a month. The most crucial part of brow lift recovery is rest; that’s why you should carefully follow the doctor’s post-operative instructions. After brow lift surgery, your head will be wrapped with a bandage, which will be removed on the first follow-up visit.

After the bandage is removed, you may shower and wash your hair. There is a considerable degree of swelling and potential bruising around the forehead and eyes that normally subside within 10-14 days. You are strongly advised to sleep with your back and head elevated to avoid swelling. You should also refrain from engaging in any strenuous activity for two weeks. Several small staples are used to close the scalp incisions and are usually removed in one week. Some numbness of the scalp may be experience—which typically resolves over several months.

Results of brow lift surgery

Most patients are happy with the results of brow lift surgery, no matter which surgical technique was used. Although a brow lift surgery does not stop time, it can minimize the appearance of aging for years. As time passes, you may wish to repeat the procedure.

Important Notes:

  • Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, returning to work is possible within one to five days.
  • Exercising is possible in two weeks.
  • Results are expected to last at least ten to twenty years.
  • Patient might experience a certain amount of swelling and bruising in the 10­ day period following surgery.

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Pre op, post op instructions


  • Don’t take products containing aspirin, ibuprofen and vitamin E, if pain reliever is needed, choose tylenol, in case of any other medications, ask your doctor
  • Don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol


  • Don’t eat or drink anything after midnight, even water is not allowed, if any medication is needes, take it with small spis of water only


  • You can take a shower and wash your hair in the morning, but don’t wear any makeup, hair spray or gel, don’t use nail polish, however you may leave acrylic nails on
  • Don’t wear clothes that must be pulled over the head, choose loose fitting clothing instead


  • Limit your activity sharply over the first week after surgery to walking around the house only, move/bend your legs when lying down
  • You may take a shower three days after the surgery
  • Any aerobic activities are to be avoided for 3 weeks
  • Drink plenty of water/fluids (up to 10 glasses per day)
  • Breathe deeply for the first 24 hours after surgery, as this helps to expand the base of lungs
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco for at least a week
  • In case of vomiting or nausea, delay food and medications until it passes
  • Keep your initial dressings dry, start wearing a tight, supportive bra 3 weeks after surgery
  • Keep incisions clean
  • Wear your elastic (ace) wrap at all times for the first 5 days, then at night for an additional 7 days
  • If you have any concerns, call your doctor immediately

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