Chin Implant Turkey - Genioplasty in Istanbul Turkey

One the balance points of our face is chin – no doubt. However, some chins are weak from birth and they take the balance of facial features away. On the other hand, a well-structured chin is the key for strong definition of a person.

Well, thanks to the developments of medical field, this is not fateful. Chin implant Turkey (also known as chin augmentation) lends a hand to the people with weak chin by making their chin stronger.

Also known as genioplasty or mentoplasty, chin implant Turkey is the surgery correcting or reshaping chins by implant or bone advancement.

Chin implant in Turkey aims at enhancing definition of the face and at bringing the chin area into proportion; because the beauty of the face is determined considering the combination of all features on the face. Also, combination of different surgeries such as nose surgery and face lift may enhance the pleasure from the result.

Am I a good candidate for chin implant – genioplasty in Turkey?

Before asking this question, you can ask yourself if you are totally happy with your chin or your face. If you think increasing the definition of your face, the answer is yes! Because it is all about how you feel good or better.

I am interested in chin implant. Why should I choose Turkey for the surgery?

It is hard to give you only one reason because chin implant has many advantages in Turkey. First of all, hundreds of people interested in cosmetic surgery choose Turkey for their treatment. Here, in Turkey, surgeons are very experienced because of this high demand. Also, prices are lower than many other countries as a result of lower cost of living, high exchange rate etc. We have to say that Turkey is both a beautiful and easy-to-reach country. There are many international flights every day and many things to see in Istanbul, Turkey.

When will I be ready to go to work after the surgery?

Doctors usually advise the patients of chin implant to have a rest for 2 weeks. So, you can go to work after 2 weeks.

Cost of chin implants in Turkey

It is not always easy to determine on the overall cost of chin implants as the cost subject to change according to the budget items such as hospital, surgeon, and medical tests. Even reservation time matters when it comes to the costs. Comparing many other countries, Turkey is pretty affordable in chin implants like other kinds of cosmetic surgeries because of the lower cost of living, inexpensive surgical facilities, lower overhead charges and favourable currency exchange rate.

Chin implant Turkey procedure

The procedure of chin implant in Turkey changes from patient to patient considering individual needs. The surgery is performed in a hospital by a surgeon. It usually takes around 1 hour. For sure, both local and general anaesthesia are possible. The patient may decide after discussing with surgeon. During the surgery, using an artificial implant chin is given a boost that is permanent and strong. At the end of the treatment, patient has a well-proportioned and natural look.

Recovery from chin implant surgery

Right after the surgery, patients are advised to stay in hospital for only one night. In Turkey our experienced surgeons keep the dressing for around three days just to minimize the bruising. This dressing is important also for keeping the new shape of the chin. After the surgery, the patient may not be very comfortable while eating, talking and smiling – all the features requiring some movement of jaw. The bruising usually disappears in around 10 days. And, the patients feel good enough to go to work two weeks after the surgery.

Good candidates for chin implant

Chin implant surgery in Turkey is usually applied to those who are not very happy with their face. To give a more strong definition to the face, this surgery can be a good solution to go through. People with recessed chin, pointed or squared chin, prominent nose, fleshy neck can consider having a chin implant.

Chin Implant – Genioplasty in İstanbul – Turkey?

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