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Nicely shaped ears are taken for granted. But having ears that are large, sticking out, or misshapen are often the subject of taunt or a cause of embarrassment for children and adults alike. Teens and adults can become withdrawn and self-conscious about the appearance of their ears. Ear surgery is a cosmetic procedure of prominent ears that creates a more natural appearance primarily for ears that sticks out too much. Overly large ears, ears that protrude, or otherwise deformed ears can create an unbalanced facial appearance. This may cause embarrassment for many people—not just children. Ear irregularities can be natural or a result of injury. Ear reshaping surgery in Turkey can be performed to resize, pin down, reposition protruding ears—or repair an injury.

Ear pinning in Turkey can be performed at any age but can be most useful when done while the patient is young. Cosmetic ear surgery can also reduce large ears, reshape the cartilage in ears with unnatural shapes, or increase the size of very small ears. Surgery can also reduce large or stretched earlobes, or large creases and wrinkles in the ear. Ear surgery can even involve rebuilding new ears for patients born without lobes or after an injury— a technique referred to as ear repair.

Also known as pinnplasty, ear correction surgery can also reduce large or stretched earlobes, or large creases and wrinkles in the ear. FlyHealth plastic surgery Turkey doctors will evaluate your areas during your consultation in order to determine the best approach to meet your appearance goals.

Cost of ear surgery in Turkey

When it comes to determining the price of ear surgery in Turkey, there are many factors that come into play, which can affect the overall cost of treatment. The treatment cost, anesthetic, doctor’s charges and the geographic location of the operation are all contributing factors that determine the over all cost of otoplasty in Turkey. Luckily, Turkey is one of the most affordable destinations for plastic surgery in Europe and the Middle East due to the lower cost of living, high exchange rate—and strategic geographic location. FlyHealth offers exclusive ear surgery packages to international patients inclusive of the treatment cost, hotel accommodation and transfer airport pickups, city tour, interpretation service and patient hosting.

Ear surgery procedure

Ear correction surgery

Ear correction surgery in Turkey may be performed at the doctor’s office or at one of our affiliate hospitals. Surgical time averages between two to three hours and can be done either under local or general anesthesia. To perform this, incisions will be placed behind the ears, which allow for the ear cartilage to be reshaped—and ultimately repositioned. Once this cartilage is contoured for a less prominent look, sutures will be added to hold the new position until they heal completely. In an effort to make the process as comfortable and painless as possible for the patient, IV sedation will be administered as well as a local or general anesthetic when necessary. You will wear a bandage around the head for the first few days after surgery to protect the ears. You may experience aching or throbbing during this time, which can be alleviated with an oral pain medication.

Ear reduction surgery

Another form is ear reduction surgery. Some patients are more concerned with the size and shape of their ears rather than the cosmetic aspect or their protrusion from the side of the head. Ear reduction surgery in Turkey is used for sculpting larger ears, giving patients a more natural appearance. This surgery, which may involve earlobe reduction, is an outpatient procedure and can be performed on adults and children. During ear reduction surgery, the doctor will remove unwanted cartilage and skin—and reshape the ear—to create a smaller, more natural-looking size. Ear reduction surgery can provide facial balance and symmetry to the face ears—and is often paired with ear pinning procedure.

Good candidates for ear surgery

Most patients over the age of six who would like to alter the position of their ears and to bring them closer to the sides of the head are good candidates.

Ideal candidates for ear surgery are patients with one or more of the following:

  • Excessively large ears
  • Disproportionately sized ears
  • Asymmetrical ears
  • Protruding ears
  • Stretched earlobes

Recovery from ear surgery

Usually, as expected from a simple procedure, otoplasty patients are able to move around just a few hours after surgery with only minor discomfort. One week after the procedure, stitches will either dissolve on their own or will be removed in the doctor’s office. Most adult patients are able to return to work after a few hours, although the ears may ache or throb for a few days. Your doctor will provide you with a prescription medication to help relieve any discomfort. A few days following the otoplasty procedure, the bandages around the head will be replaced with a surgical dressing that should be worn for about the week. You should avoid sleeping on your side for the first two weeks after surgery.

Results of ear surgery

Cosmetic ear surgery in Turkey can dramatically enhance your appearance. The results from ear surgery are immediate—and are usually long term. When chosen for the right reasons and with clear and realistic expectation, ear-reshaping patients are usually delighted with their results.

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