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Stomach is a very important part of the body if you are talking about aesthetic appearance. It is very hard to keep your belly tiny especially after giving birth. There are also some hormonal illnesses, which cause a weight rise. Most people are familiar with such a popular fleur de lis tummy tuck turkey surgery, which is really very effective.

This surgery type has its improved version called Fleur De Lis Turkey. This surgery helps you to reduce the fat and sagging skin both in vertical and horizontal dimensions. Fleur De Lis means a lily. If you look at the scars and the area, which is supposed to be removed during this surgery, you will notice that it has a shape of lily with 3 petals. Tummy tuck surgery is very helpful if you have sagging skin and fat on the lower part of the stomach.

Most people, who lost too much weight have sagging skin on their upper middle part of their stomach, too. In that case Fleur De Lis surgery is an ideal solution for you. It also includes liposuction and muscle repair.

Cost of Fleur De Lis in Turkey

The cost of Fleur De Lis surgery can be very different. However it is still more affordable then in Europe or in the USA. It can change depending on doctor`s qualification, hospital and hotel. Fleur De Lis Turkey can also be combined with breast surgeries. In that case the package price will be increased, but you will have a multiple surgery discount.

Good Candidates for Fleur De Lis

If you lost a lot of weight on your own or after having weight loss surgery you are a very good candidate for Fleur De Lis Turkey. Patients with an abdomen skin sagging both horizontally and vertically can benefit from that surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fleur De Lis

What is the scar after Fleur De Lis?

If after tummy tuck patients have a vertical scar from hip to hip. After Fleur De Lis you will have two scars. One is just as like after tummy tuck and the second one will be a vertical line in the center of your abdomen. This scar will start under the breast and finish meeting the horizontal scar.

When can I start working after Fleur De Lis surgery?

You can start working in office 2-3 weeks after surgery. Avoid hard phycal activities. If you are not working in the office discuss this question with your plastic surgeon.

When can I start exercising?

You are not allowed to exercise at least for the first 6 weeks after surgery. After that you can start very slight activities avoiding exercises for abdomen.

When can I start driving?

You can start driving for short distances 2 weeks after surgery. Be sure that the paın and most uncomfortable feelings after surgery are stopped. After surgery you will use a pain killer when you will have pain. The best time when you can start driving is when you spot using pain killer pills.

Recovery from Fleur De Lis surgery

You have to wear garments, which doctor will give, during first 8 weeks. That will help you to recover quickly and swelling will go faster. You will have dissolvable stiches. Doctor will give a recipe with medications you have to take. Hygiene is also very important to avoid infections. Some creams for scar recovery can also be used. The scar will be visible but you can make it less visible by using special creams. A healthy diet is very necessary as you will spend some time without physical activities. Take care of what you are eating to not gain weight during that period. You can start exercising slightly and having lymphatic drainage massage 8 weeks after surgery. Fleur De Lis includes liposuction. Lymphatic drainage massage will help with the remained swelling and recovery in general.

Important notes:

  1. Stop smoking at least 6 weeks before surgery. This is very important for the skin quality and its recovery process. It will be also very helpful for you to undergo general anesthesia.
  2. Do not take aspirin, vegetables and fruits which have a high amount of vitamin C, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements before  These products increase the risk of blood cloth.

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