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Who can deny the importance of lip when it comes to the beauty of the face? A full lip is one of the signs of health and beauty. Even though everybody deserves to feel healthy and beautiful, to tell the truth not everybody has such lips.

Lip enhancement Turkey is the surgery filling lip with an implant as a permanent solution to augment and improve the shape of the lip. Thankfully, there are many different ways to enhance lips if you are not born with naturally full lips. Lip implants can give you the lips of your dreams. It gives you a more defined smile and a youthful-looking. By filling your lip, you find the most perfect proportion of your face. Combining other facial cosmetic surgeries with lip enhancement also can be a good idea for the best results.

Types of Lip Enhancement

Types of lip augmentation are divided into two as temporary and permanent lip augmentation. In addition, these varieties have different names depending on the shape desired to be given to the lips. In permanent lip augmentation, silicone treatment is applied to the lips. Different fillers can be used in temporary lip augmentation. However, the most preferred filling material is hyaluronic acid.

We can list the types of lip fillers with different names as follows:

Aphrodite Type Lip Enhancement

This type of lip augmentation takes its name from the beautiful goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite-type lips stand out as aesthetic and attractive lips with a fuller appearance. When applying this type of lip augmentation, first of all, the facial features and facial structure of the person are taken into account. While doing this, it is aimed that the lips fit the face and are fully compatible.

Hera Type Lip Enhancement

This type of lip augmentation takes its name from Hera, the goddess of marriage. A more symmetrical, lively, and fuller lip structure is obtained with Hera type lip augmentation. This type of lip augmentation is made by considering the facial features of the person and the golden ratio.

Venus Type Lip Enhancement

This type of lip augmentation takes its name from Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Venus type lip augmentation aims for a more natural and simple appearance compared to Aphrodite and Hera type lip augmentation. Again, this lip augmentation, which is made by considering the golden ratio calculations of the face, provides individuals with a thin face structure to have a more natural and aesthetic appearance.

Eros Type Lip Enhancement

This type of lip filling takes its name from the god of love, Eros. Eros-type lip augmentation aims to make the line called Eros arc, which is located on the upper lip of the upper lip, curved outward to give it a more prominent and fuller appearance.

Good candidates for lip enhancement

Lip enhancement Turkey is appropriate for people who are not satisfied with the look of their lips. The inadequate fullness of the lip may naturally be from birth or because of the damage in the soft tissue of lips in years. Doctors evaluate every other potential patient and decide what can be done for every single case. People who want to upgrade their looking making their lips full are the target group of this treatment. Free consultation provides you with the information of your convenience level for lip enhancement.

Frequently asked questions about lip enhancement

Within a week, you will be able to catch your life. However, for around 10 days you need to be more careful about external factors and your diet. In a few weeks, everything will be as it was before the surgery – the only difference will be your full lip.

Sure. When you contact us via our e-mail address, we will send you some examples results of lip enhancement surgeries.

Istanbul is an easy-to-reach city considering both flight frequency and location. Also, because of the high education of surgeons and low prices, Turkey is among the most favored countries for cosmetic surgery. Here, in Turkey, surgeons are very experienced because of this high demand.

Cost of lip enhancement

Every other day, many people from all over the world choose Turkey for lip enhancement. Lip enhancement surgeries may cost different prices according to the patient’s individual preferences and requirements. The price of lip enhancement (or lip augmentation) in Turkey is lower than in other countries because of lower living costs and favorable currency exchange rates. Even more, doctors here are super-experienced and skilled in Turkey as it is a prestigious job.

Lip enhancement Turkey procedure

The procedure of lip enhancement starts with local anesthesia before the surgery. So, you will be awake during the surgery. The whole procedure does not take more than 1 hour. This surgery usually reduces lines and wrinkles around the lips.

Recovery from lip enhancement

After a lip enhancement surgery, spare yourself free time to rest for around 2 weeks like other implant surgeries. Patients are advised not to exercise at least 3 days after the surgery. You should follow the after-care instructions of the doctor for the fastest recovery. Already, the surgery will not keep you totally away from your standard life. You will only need to be more careful about a short while.

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