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Gynecomastia is a common medical condition marked by an enlarged male breast. Many men who suffer from gynecomastia feel very self-conscious of their appearance. While there is often no particular cause for gynecomastia, it has been associated with some medical conditions and the use of certain drugs. When diet and exercise fail to get rid of gnecomastia, male breast reduction surgery becomes the only permanent solution.

Male breast reduction is a surgical procedure designed to help reshape and improve contour of the male chest for a flatter, toned appearance— by removing excess fat, breast tissue and, sometimes, excess skin from the chest. Male breast reduction surgery may be performed on one of, or both of, breasts, depending on the patient’s unique condition.

During consultation with FlyHealth plastic surgery Turkey specialist, he will be glad to discuss the options available to you and how gynecomastia surgery can help achieve your desired goals.

Before undergoing male breast reduction, you will need to provide a complete medical background history.

Cost of male breast reduction surgery in Turkey

The cost of this surgery in Turkey is appealingly affordable for UK and US patients due to a number of factors. The lower cost of living, low overhead charges and favourable exchange rate are all contributing factors to the inexpensive cost of male breast reduction surgery in Turkey. Travelling for male breast reduction surgery abroad allows patients to save up to 70 per cent on their treatment and to enjoy a memorable holiday in Istanbul. Turkey enjoys a strategic position in the center of the world, beautifully nestled between Europe, Asia and the Middle East, making it the most accessible country in the world. There are many low-cost flights from Europe and the Middle East to Istanbul, Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is the best method to get rid of man boobs. Gynecomastia performed by FlyHealth plastic surgeons Turkey will help achieve your desired results and get rid of man boobs permanently. However, if you gain weight significantly, use steroids or have hormonal problems, you may experience recurrence of gynecomastia although it is a very small chance. Contact FlyHealth now to learn more about male breast reduction in Turkey.

Pain will subside within a few days. It is usually advised to avoid heavy activities such as lifting and participating in strenuous activity for two weeks after surgery, so that any post-op bleeding is minimised. Full healing usually occurs after six weeks. It is better to take a leave from work for one week. You should also wear the compression garment as advised by your surgeon for two weeks.

Male breast reduction cost is exceedingly high in Western European countries. It starts from €5,000 and goes up to €15,000 depending on the location and the surgeon. These high prices are usually a big burden on the patients. That is why FlyHealth is a great option for those who are low on budget. With Fly Health, you can save up to %70 and still have the same quality male breast reduction performed in any European country. Contact now to learn the exact price.

Male breast reduction Turkey procedure

General anesthesia is commonly administered in male breast reduction procedure and surgical time averages between one to three hours.

If the enlarged breasts are primarily caused by excessive fat tissue, male breast reduction surgeons may use liposuction technique to remove the fat– whereas excess glandular tissue and skin will require excision. Liposuction Turkey is performed through incisions, which are then closed using sutures and are usually covered with a dressing. The chest can be wrapped to keep the skin firmly in place, by wearing a special compression vest underneath the clothes for a few weeks.

Good candidates for male breast reduction surgery

Any man who feels uncomfortable with his large breast size can be a candidate for this surgery.

The best candidates for this surgery have firm, elastic skin that will easily reshape to their body’s new contours.

Gynecomastia surgery is a very personal procedure and you should have this surgery really and only for yourself, not to meet the wishes of others or to fit yourself into a perfect image template.

If the following conditions apply to you, this process may be a suitable option for you;

  • If you are physically healthy and have a relatively normal weight
  • If you have realistic expectations
  • If your breast growth has been stable
  • If you feel uncomfortable with the thought that your breasts are larger than they should be
  • Adults can benefit from this surgical intervention, but if breast enlargement continues, secondary interventions may be necessary for the future.

Correction of breast enlargement in men by surgical intervention gives the best results under the following conditions;

  • In men whose conditions cannot be corrected with alternative medical interventions
  • Men who do not have a serious life-threatening condition or medical condition that would impede recovery after gynecomastia.
  • Men who have developed a positive outlook in their minds and set specific goals to correct their gynecomastia symptoms.

Before The Surgery

  • Get tested or health checked at a lab
  • Take certain medications or adjust your current medications to suit your condition
  • Stop smoking before surgery
  • Stop taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal pills as they increase bleeding

Recovery from male breast reduction

Male breast reduction aftercare  

Male breast reduction recovery period is usually smooth and free of complications. Following male breast reduction surgery in Turkey, patients will experience some bruising, swelling and little discomfort. This discomfort usually subsides after a few days and can be relieved with prescribed medication.

To help reduce swelling, an elastic pressure vest should be worn for about two weeks and for several weeks after at night. You will be advised to walk around on the day of the male breast reduction.

Many patients are able to return to work within one week. You may also start doing light aerobic exercise after a week but you should avoid strenuous activities for about three to four weeks following the surgery.

Results of male breast reduction surgery

While the results of male breast reduction are considered permanent, excess weight gain or the use of certain medication, like steroids, may induce recurrence of gynecomastia. Related ReadMale Breast Reduction Aftercare: What you Need to Know

Important Notes:

  • If you smoke, the doctor will ask that you quit smoking at least two weeks before the surgery and start smoking not earlier than two weeks after the surgery.
  • Please note that it is not enough to just cut down on smoking. Patient must stop completely prior to the surgery since smoking can cause complications more likely and slows the process of healing.

Pre op, post op instructions

2 Weeks Before

  • Don’t take products containing aspirin, ibuprofen and vitamin E, if pain reliever is needed, choose Tylenol, in case of any other medications, ask your doctor
  • Don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol

Day Before

  • Don’t eat or drink anything after midnight, even water is not allowed
  • If any medication is needes, take it with small spis of water only

Day of Surgery

  • Don’t wear any makeup, hair spray or gel
  • You can take a shower and wash your hair in the morning.
  • Don’t use nail polish, however you may leave acrylic nails on
  • Don’t wear clothes that must be pulled over the head, choose loose fitting clothing instead

After Surgery

  • Limit your activity sharply over the first week after surgery to walking around the house only, avoid lifting and bending,  move/bend your legs when lying down
  • Expect to have pain for the first 24 hours, take your pain medication before your pain becomes severe
  • Any aerobic activities are avoided for 3 weeks
  • Drink plenty of water/fluids (up to 10 glasses per day)
  • Breathe deeply for the first 24 hours after surgery, as this helps to expand the base of lungs
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco for at least a week
  • In case of vomiting or nausea, delay food and medications until it passes
  • Wear compression garment for a week after surgery
  • Keep incisions clean
  • If you have any concerns, call your doctor immediately

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