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There are few moments as magical as giving birth to a life. A large number of women look forward to this day as it begins a new era for them. However, it can often leave some women looking older and out of shape.

It’s pretty natural to gain weight after pregnancy. Called puppy fat, it can be difficult to lose, especially since it may not be wise to go on a strict diet if you’re breastfeeding. A mother needs to be healthy in order to breastfeed the baby and take care of the child.

But, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on how you look. Whether you have a tummy sticking out or breasts looking saggy, medical science has the right solution for you.

Our Mommy Makeover Treatment is specially designed for mothers to give them back their lost appeal. In fact, it may be the right option for you even if you were overweight before the birth of your child.


Tummy Tuck – Get Rid of the Extra Fat

A tummy tuck surgery in Turkey will give you a flat stomach. The surgery can be the right option for anyone with excess fat on and around the belly. Being out of shape can often force mothers to feel low about how they look. Moreover, it can also prevent them from fitting into their older, favorite outfits.

Worry not, a tummy tuck can solve your problem in no time. The procedure includes liposuction for sides (flanks) and stomach, saggy skin removal, and muscle repair.

Our Mommy Makeover Treatment is designed not only to help you lose weight and look fit but to do it in a safe manner while building muscles to ensure you have the strength to complete your day to day tasks.

Breast Surgery – Look The Way You Want To

Most women love the feeling of appearing fuller during pregnancy, but breasts can turn saggy post delivery, whether you breastfeed or not.

This can take your confidence away. We know how important it is to look good in your favorite outfit and still look attractive to your partner. It doesn’t matter how often we remind the world that looks don’t matter, all of us want to look fit and attractive.

Our Mommy Makeover Treatment includes a variety of breast surgeries including breast uplift with implants, breast reduction, and breast augmentation.

A common breast related problem some new mothers face is a lack of symmetry between the two breasts. If your one breast is bigger or smaller than the other breast then it will not only make your outfit look bad, but it will also attract unwanted attraction. This usually occurs when your baby prefers one side.

This major problem, however, has a simple solution – a breast surgery.

Why Choose Turkey for a Mummy Makeover Treatment?

Turkey is an affordable destination for cosmetic procedures like breast surgeries. Plus, the surgeons here are experienced and offer a variety of services. Since such procedures are not covered by insurance, people are often on the lookout for cheap options.

Turkey appears to be a good solution as you can undergo the required surgery and also get to visit the marvels of the country in a single trip.

How Much Will a Mummy Makeover Treatment Cost in Turkey?

The cost depends on what kind of services you need. In some cases, you may be asked to come back for a second procedure which may add to the cost. Still, it will be cheaper than getting it done in the UK or other European countries.

Get in touch with us to get a reliable quote. We work with professional service providers and will go the extra mile to make your trip a memorable one. Call +44 208 133 4834 to speak to us.

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