Septorhinoplasty Turkey - A Solution to Your Breathing Problems

Septorhinoplasty is a kind of nose surgery. When the nose shape is changing all the facial appearance is changing. Being an important breathing organ, the nose also plays a big role in aesthetic appearance. Due to some accidents or natural shape structures many people have breathing problems. There is a surgery called septoplasty. That surgery corrects the septum so the patient is able to breathe normally. But what to do if you both have aesthetic and breathing problems with your nose?

Many people know about rhinoplasty, however, this surgery does not solve breathing problems.

In that case septorhinoplasty turkey will be very helpful. Now you do not need to have two surgeries separately. During one surgery your septum can be fixed and the shape of nose can also be corrected. In the presence of an external defect, septoplasty (breathing function correction surgery) is recommended to be performed simultaneously with aesthetic correction. This is explained by the fact that deformations of the nasal skeleton affect the healing of septum tissues after it is straightened and can worsen the final result. The opposite is also true – if there is a curvature of the septum, along with aesthetic rhinoplasty, it is necessary to perform septoplasty, since otherwise the risk of repeated curvature increases.

Good Candidates for the surgery

The reason for the patient’s visit to a plastic surgeon may be an aesthetic lack of appearance or functional impairment in the form of chronic nasal congestion, caused by hypertrophy of the nasal concha, curvature of the nasal septum, or other reasons. Septorhinoplasty is performed with the simultaneous presence of an unsatisfactory external defect and functional problems.

If you have a septum deviation and you do not like your nose shape then you are a good candidate for this procedure. In case if you had an accident during which your nose was broken you might also need septorhinoplasty.

When is Septorhinoplasty Applied?

Rhinoplasty surgeries are performed due to nasal shape-related respiratory problems or aesthetic problems. Septorhinoplasty is an operation that makes people who have curvature of the nose and therefore have difficulty breathing, happy both aesthetically and functionally.

Especially in patients with nasal curvature, symptoms such as dryness in the mouth, loud breathing, snoring, and fatigue are observed. Effects such as post-nasal drip and frequent runny nose and sneezing also occur. It is especially important for people who will have this surgery to choose their rhinoplasty doctor correctly and meticulously.

The doctor should successfully reflect all aesthetic problems, especially breathing problems, into his surgery with a mathematical vision.

What Should Be Considered In Septorhinoplasty Surgery?

It is very important for the physicians who will perform septorhinoplasty surgery to be successful in their field. After successfully completing septorhinoplasty operations, a natural and beautiful nose structure suitable for the patient’s face is created.

However, the patient begins to breathe much more easily. However, the issues that the patient should pay attention to after the surgery are also important for the recovery process.

Topics to be considered first:

After the operation, all the instructions given by the doctor must be followed completely.
Especially the nose should be protected from impacts until the healing process is completed. For this, it is necessary to get a doctor’s permission to start sports and heavy exercises.

After the operation, the patient’s nose is reshaped in a natural, stylish way that suits the facial features. At the same time, all problems inside and outside the nose are resolved.

Although the nose structure must be ideally adapted to the face shape, breathing problems also need to be resolved. Thanks to rhinoplasty and septorhinoplasty, you can have the most ideal, functional, and beautiful nose. And you can forget about your breathing problems.

Other Indications For Septorhinoplasty

  • The hump of the nose.
  • Asymmetry (crooked nose)
  • Post-traumatic deformity (curvature, flattening of the nose after a fracture)
  • Features of the development of the tip of the nose: upturned, bifurcated, massive, elongated, wide tip
  • Long nose
  • Wide nostrils and wings
  • Bulbous nose

Cost for Septorhinoplasty in Turkey

Septorhinoplasty surgery is more expensive than rhinoplasty. Nose surgeries do not seem to be very difficult. However, you need to understand that the nose is a very important breathing organ. In addition, the nose can change the face. That is why you need to be careful when you choose the doctor as surgery’s effect is permanent. To get the best result from the operation, focus not on the price, but on the qualifications and experience of the doctor.

The doctor’s qualification affects the package price. Also, the hospital where the surgery will be performed, the hotel where you will stay affect the total package price.

Can I do sport after septorhinoplasty?

You can start doing slight exercises 1 week after surgery however you need to avoid hard physical activities during 3-4 weeks after surgery.

When will I see the final result after surgery?

The most amount of swelling will be gone during the first 8-10 weeks depending on your skin thickness(swelling is going slower in case if the patient has thick skin) but the final result can only be seen after one year.

Recovery After Septorhinoplasty

You will have a band on your nose after surgery. This band will be removed approximately 5 days after surgery. Do not swim, do not lift heavy objects. During the next 7-10 days you should not blow or sneeze through your nose. As we said before nose surgeries are the easiest and most painless surgeries. Only during the first two days, you may feel dizzy. After 7 days you will be able to start working. One week after surgery you may only have swelling or bruising but will not have any physical discomfort.

Important Notes

  1. You cannot have any nose surgery in case if you have a runny nose.
  2. You should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol before and after surgery at least for a few days.
  3. If it is your second or third nose surgery you need to remember that about one year must pass after your previous surgery.

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