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When the summer comes all of us want to wear dresses and short skirts. Legs is the part of the body, which is so important when we speak about physical appearance. Some people say that the age of a woman can be predicted according to the “condition” of her legs. Even if we cannot make them longer we try to keep the skin and muscles on the legs toned, which is very difficult. Most women have a pear shape body, which means that most of the fat is located on the legs and buttocks. After losing weight even if the fat has gone the sagging skin destroys all the aesthetic appearance. Even if the outer thighs are not so problematic in terms of sagging skin the inner thighs are really hard to keep toned. After losing a lot of weight women struggle with their inner thighs. In this case the best decision is thigh lift turkey or thighplasty. It includes both liposuction and sagging skin removal. Your thighs will become both thinner and toned. The scar is T-shaped and goes from the inside of the thigh up to the pubic area. As the scar is inside and horizontal it is not so visible.

Good Candidates for Thigh Lift

If you do not like your thighs and have excess fat on your hips and thigh area, loose skin as a result of ageing you are a good candidate for a thigh lift. Women who have a pear-shaped body and who have lost a lot of weight will benefit from thigh lift turkey. If you had a weight loss surgery one year ago and your weight loss has stopped you probably need this surgery. In general, patients who lost a big amount of weight firstly have such surgeries like 360 body lift, which removes the sagging skin of the outer thighs too, or tummy tuck and during their second session, they are doing thigh lift.

Cost of Thigh Lift in Turkey

The thigh lift package price can be different depending on a few factors. The package includes hotel accommodation, the cost of the surgery and hospital expenses. The doctor’s qualification can also affect the price. Please pay attention to the doctor who will perform your surgery. Do not try to save your money by choosing a “cheaper” doctor. Surgery is a very important process which can affect all your life.

Important Notes

  • This surgery is not recommended for people with cardiological illnesses, those who smoke too much, and people with weak health.
  • You need to avoid exercising, heavy lifting, swimming and other hard physical activities. The first 3-4 weeks after surgery are very important for recovery and scar healing. If you want the scar to be tiny avoid all the activities mentioned above.
  • After surgery, you will have drains at least during one night after surgery to remove the liquid. It is very important for the future recovery process. Drains decrease the swelling amount after surgery and make the healing faster.
  • You should not smoke before and after surgery during at least 1-2 months. You also need to stop using alcohol. Smoking and alcohol destroy the skin quality. The skin will have a healthy “feeding”.
  • You will need to wear garments at least during 4 weeks after surgery. The garments are helping with the swelling and the scar healing.

Can the thigh lift surgery be done at the same time with some other plastic surgeries?

Yes, thigh lift can be combined with other surgeries like tummy tuck, liposuction, arm lift etc.

When can I start working again after surgery?

Usually the recovery process takes about one month. It depends on your individual condition. You can start doing office work even earlier, however avoid doing any other hard work which needs hard physical activities.

I do not want the scar to be very visible. Is it possible?

he thigh lift scar will be on the inner part of your thighs, that is why it will not be so visible. You need to be very careful during your healing period. That will make your scar as tiny as possible. Follow all the doctor’s recommendations. You can also use some scar healing creams which decrease the scar visibility.

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