Cost of Breast Lift in Turkey | Cosmetic Surgery in Istanbul,

The total cost of breast lift surgery in Turkey varies widely, depending on the type of lift performed—and how extensive the surgery will be. More extensive breast lift surgery takes more time in the operating room, thus the cost is greater. Patients with severe drooping may require more extensive surgery. Turkey is considered one of the most inexpensive medical tourism destinations due to the lower cost of living, high exchange rate and inexpensive overhead charges. Patients who travel to Turkey for breast lift surgery are expected to save up to 70 percent on their treatment. The overall price of breast lift in Turkey include the surgeon’s fee, the surgical center fee, the board certified anesthesiologist, follow-up visits, airport pickups, interpretation service, hotel accommodation and patient hosting.

Breast lift procedure

Our plastic surgery Turkey doctors use different surgical techniques to lift the breast. Typically, the further the breast has fallen, the more extensive the surgical technique will be.

Our plastic surgeons perform breast lift thorough one of the following techniques:

Crescent mastopexy

When the nipple has fallen only slightly, you may qualify for a crescent mastopexy. During crescent mastopexy technique, a small crescent of the breast skin and the breast tissue are removed from the area above the areola. You are left with a small scar above the areola.

Benelli mastopexy

If the nipple requires to be moved a little higher, this is considered the most appropriate surgical technique. Benelli mastopexy involves removing a donut shaped piece of skin around the areola—and attaching the remaining breast skin. The scar is circular and encompasses the areola. This method is commonly referred to as a Benelli breast lift or a Donut mastopexy.

Vertical lollipop mastopexy

Vertical lollipop mastopexy method suits patients with severe breast ptosis (drooping). In this technique, the skin is removed around the areola—and also on the lower part of the breast gland. The scar is usually around the areola and also vertically down the front of the breast—hence the name ‘lollipop’ scar.

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